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Hannah Waddingham shuts down photographer’s alleged leg comment: Video

“Ted Lasso” star Hannah Waddingham shot a photographer who allegedly told her to “show me leg” while she walked the red carpet.

“Oh my God, you would never say that to a man, my friend,” Waddingham said Sunday in a moment captured on video by a fan. The video later went viral online.

Waddingham, 49, was hosting the Olivier Awards in London and was walking the event's red carpet in a long, sleeveless, bejeweled lavender dress, a tulle cape and a leg slit when the incident occurred.

“Don’t be a bad word,” the British actress and singer said to the photographer before walking away from the crowd. “Otherwise I’ll turn away. Don't say, 'Show me legs.' NO.”

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The Internet reacts

Following the incident, people have stood by Waddingham's side and called the actress a “queen”.

“If I were a professional photographer and Hannah Waddingham just taught me how to be respectful in front of everyone, I would change my career, change my name and leave the country,” said one user on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“All hail #hannahwadingham,” another post said.

Ashley James, presenter, model, author and DJ, said Waddingham was “brilliant” for the way she suppressed the comment, but added that it was due to a larger issue.

“I think it's a broader problem with the media in general and how it objectifies women,” James said on “This Morning,” a British talk show.

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