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Rittenhouse jury deliberations begin Tuesday; celebrities cash in on breakups

CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) – On today’s episode of Banfield, we’ll take a look at what we learned from the closing arguments in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, with jury deliberations expected to begin Tuesday. Defense attorney and civil rights activist Mark O’Mara comes to discuss the case.

Then we look at a tragic death in Seattle that was potentially avoidable. A 13-year-old boy reportedly watched his father die of a heart attack while the fire department allegedly sat outside waiting for permission to enter the house. Carmen Best, former head of the Seattle Police Department, and Mike McCabe, chief of the Bayonne, New Jersey ambulance, talk to us about what could have h -pened and what the usual procedures are.

The Ghislaine Maxwell trials are also the subject of today’s discussion. Stacey Honowitz, assistant prosecutor for the Florida Division of Sex Crimes and Child Abuse, and Larry Levine, founder of Wall Street Prison Consulting and a former federal prisoner, discuss with us the alleged detention conditions of the Epstein employee.

Some artists make it their business to beat up their exes; Look at much of the music written by Taylor Swift. Danielle Robay, entertainment writer and host of the Pretty Smart podcast, talks to us about how celebrities make money.

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