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Pooja Bedi on Aryan Khan’s bail: ‘Celebrities and their kids are human beings, just like everyone else’ | Bollywood

Pooja Bedi, previously trolled for labeling Aryan Khan an “innocent child,” is relieved after the 23-year-old was released on bail in a drug case on a cruise ship. Pooja has now condemned all those who indulged in a “mob mentality attack” on him.

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Pooja Bedi said bail should be the norm in such cases, but Aryan Khan has been jailed amid tough criminals.

She told a leading daily, “Being thrown behind bars with die-hard criminals for weeks with no evidence to incriminate him when bail is the norm, no exception in such cases, with the media backing you up and projecting you as one criminal deviants cannot be positive in any way. “

The Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar actor also addressed everyone who targeted Aryan. She said, “It is a shame to everyone who participated in this mob mentality attack on him. Celebrities and their children are people, just like everyone else … except that the trauma and humiliation are exacerbated by unwanted and unjustified attention! “

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Pooja was on the news recently after testing positive for Covid-19. Speaking loudly against the coronavirus vaccine, she said, “I have made a decision / made a decision to remain unvaccinated as it is my personal choice to allow my own natural immunity and alternative healing and wellness practices to speed up my healing . You are doing the right thing for you. Every man for himself. Caution. Have no fear.”

In August, Pooja rejected the vaccination campaign for everyone, including people without comorbidities, and called it “illogical and scary”.

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“If 99 percent survive Covid with or without a vaccine, the government must focus on isolating, vaccinating and masking those who suffer from comorbidities and are in the risk class. Don’t vaccinate the whole world, and certainly not discriminate against the unvaccinated ! It’s illogical and Sinister! ” she had tweeted.

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