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Pique made perfect moves to be unfaithful to Shakira

Shakira and Pique’s split after more than 10 years of marriage continues to be a topic of conversation and lately some steps taken by the Barcelona footballer to cheat on her have been revealed.

No photographer had been able to show it

Pique caught cheating on Shakira, the couple are expected to announce their split soon

According to the Spanish program Socialit, pique had elaborate plans to carry out his misdeeds without being spotted by the paparazzi or his wife.

In fact, those perfect plans he seemed to have were to have side doors, exclusive lounges, taxis, and cell-free meetings.

Speaking on the TV show, the presenters assured that the footballer’s favorite place is a bar called “La Traviesa”, a place where Pique’s mistress is said to work, but how did he manage not to be spotted?

Likewise, the Showbiz program claims so pique “always arrived by taxi,” so he never took one of his luxury cars or even opened the doors of his garage to alert his family, neighbors or the media.

Private room for meetings without a cell phone

On the other hand, they also comment that the footballer “entered through a side door located on a street with little traffic. And the lady in question entered through the main entrance”.

In addition, in his house he had “a reserved room, surrounded by red curtains, in which he alone determined who entered and who did not”.

In this area he only invited his teammates and close friends to parties with other models and there was “one absolute rule: There could not be cell phones in this place”.

In light of these revelations, the 35-year-old player has not made any statements or denied his moves to be unfaithful to Shakira.

He hasn’t even given an interview to offer his opinion or to share any version of what might have sparked his infidelity with the Colombian singer, with whom he had two children.

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