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Natalia Bryant’s choice of prom date leads to bizarre controversy online

Natalia Bryant seems to have caused a bit of a storm on social media when she decided to go to prom with a white man as her date.

You may think that this is not controversial at all, and that is also the opinion of most Internet users. An X user felt the need to share his thoughts on Natalia’s date, which brought a lot of attention to the deceased Kobe Bryant‘s daughter.

The X account Drama Alert tweeted the picture of the two teens with another person’s superimposed tweet that read, “Are you OK with Natalia Bryant (Kobe Bryant’s daughter) taking a white man to prom?”

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Drama Alert captioned the post: “NBA Twitter needs to go.”

This led to a lot of responses as people shared their thoughts on whether or not Natalia should go to prom with a white man.

People are reacting to Natalia Bryant’s prom date

The majority of people couldn’t see what this was about at all, and questioning her choice of prom date based on the color of her skin is plain racism, although that hasn’t stopped users from doing exactly that.

Luckily, there were plenty of sensible comments calling out those who had a problem with Bryant’s date.

One user said: “There’s nothing wrong with that. Let her be young and happy. Love is love.”

Another said: “It doesn’t matter who agrees with it, it’s their decision.”

A third added: “On the internet people will say anything.”

Meanwhile, the person who asked the original question actually responded to Drama Alert’s tweet and said, “I suspect asking questions is now banned in 2023.”

Still, disagreements continued to arise, with one person emphasizing how young she was: “Brother, she’s a child, let her be, oh my God.”

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