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Myleene Klass and Jo Frost among celebrities backing Online Safety Bill

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Myleene Klass, Jo Frost and Jermaine Jenas are among the famous faces supporting the Online Safety Bill as it returns to Parliament.

The new internet safety laws would oblige tech companies to remove illegal material from their platforms, with a particular focus on protecting children from harmful content.

Social media platforms and other user-generated content-based websites that break these rules would face heavy fines from the sector’s new regulator, Ofcom.

The bill was also controversial as it is at the center of a debate over freedom of expression, censorship and the need to monitor harmful content online.

This has focused on the so-called “legal but harmful” duties included in the bill, which would have required the largest platforms to ensure their users, and especially children, are not exposed to harmful content, even if it is not illegal.

A number of celebrities have spoken out in support of the law, including musician and mother-of-three Klass.

She said: “These new internet safety laws are incredibly important to protect children and young people online.

“We are all aware of the harmful content that is available online and shared across social media platforms.

“These new safety laws give social media platforms more responsibility to ensure this content is taken down and enforce them to actually prevent underage children from accessing content they shouldn’t have.

“We need to make sure our children feel empowered, supported and safe online.”

Frost from the Supernanny reality show added: “While we understand how important it is to protect our children in the physical world, we also need to be sure that it is just as important to protect our children online in the virtual world as well to protect.

“That’s why we urgently need to all unite to support these new internet safety laws to ensure social media companies are held more accountable for the content children access on their platforms.”

The former professional footballer and presenter Jenas said that as a parent he is keen to keep his children safe online and feels the law is a “step in the right direction”.

The celebrity endorsement comes as a poll by pollsters Ipsos found that more than 70% of UK adults think social media platforms should do more to keep children safe online.

The survey of 1,032 UK adults, conducted between November 4th and 8th, also found that 69% of people believe children are unsafe when using social media, with 77% of adults concerned that children See content that encourages self-harm.

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