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More Celebrities Should Keep Their Real Teeth

Think of literally every famous person: I’ll think of Megan Fox. Now imagine that person’s smile. Is it perfect Do they have big, beautiful pearly white tones that can only be achieved through the extensive work of a DDS graduate? They probably do because most celebrities get their teeth fixed as soon as the first big check comes in.

It makes sense; Having straight, perfect teeth has long been a class characteristic. A “good” smile can lead us to believe that someone is beautiful, rich, and h -py, even if they’re just an empty millionaire who hasn’t had compassion in years.

Dr. Daniel Naysan, a Beverly Hills dentist (his website greets you with a quote from Paris Hilton declaring him the “only dentist I trust my smile”) says celebrities are drawn to veneers for exactly one reason: you want to look good.

“Celebrities are very aware of what they look like in the film and are looking for aesthetic perfection. Not only in your skin, your face or your body, but the smile also plays a big role, ”said Dr. Naysan: “You can have a perfect skin, a perfect body, but if your teeth don’t match, then you spend something.”

While repairing these chompers can be cosmetically beneficial, it comes at a price (and not just the thousands of dollars that veneers cost – they cost up to $ 2,500 per tooth). Something is lost when one person gets the same smile as everyone else; suddenly her mouth has no character, no more charm. Do you remember when Hilary Duff got a huge set of veneers in 2005? They were too perfect, too straight, and too big for her face. The art of veneers has evolved since then (Duff seems to have replaced it with a more natural-looking set), but there is something sinister about their first foray into cosmetic dental surgery. In an attempt to look perfect, she went over the top and ended up looking unnatural.

It was only last year that Dakota Johnson made headlines when she said she actually wanted to reclaim her once-signature void after it closed on its own. “I was so excited because I’ve had the void all my life,” she told InStyle at the time. “The whole thing was a nightmare for me, to be honest.” A woman who understands how powerful a unique smile can be.

In 2016 my colleague Kelly Conaboy wrote an article for The Hairpin entitled “Celebs All Have Small Real Teeth Under Their Big Fake Teeth”. Dr. Naysan notes, however, that in recent years technology has reached the point where veneers can be “as thin as a contact lens … exhilarating.” While this may be the case, there are some brave people who have chosen To keep the teeth they were born with, or rather, the teeth that had grown back after the first set of teeth fell out.

Look at Steve Buscemi. The beloved actor has played all kinds of freaks under the sun, and they all have one thing in common: their teeth are crooked. Buscemi’s teeth look like those of the average 63-year-old man – they are naturally large, the left incisor protrudes a little, the front teeth are a little further back and they have the yellowish color of his life as a former smoker. These teeth tell a story.

For an actor, teeth can be another tool in their arsenal. Buscemis enables him to credibly portray Mafia men, idlers and Nikita Khrushchev. They remind you that he is a real person. He could be your high school math teacher or the guy behind your deli and you would say, “Yeah, that’s just Steve.”

“Sure,” I hear you say, “but Buscemi is a weird looking guy who plays weird looking people, of course he doesn’t have the bright, straight smile of Chris Evans.” That’s a fair point, but consider the list below of classically beautiful women who have retained their original teeth:

  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Adele
  • Anna Paquin
  • Keira Knightley
  • Kate Winslet

I understand it’s a short list and half of them are British, but the truth is it’s hard to find famous people who haven’t settled on teeth so white and straight that you can get them with a consultation could confuse festivals. What the list lacks in numbers, it makes up for in sheer sympathy. These women all live in their own niches, but the two things that unite them are their aggressively normal teeth and their universal love. Conicidence? I do not think so.

(As an aside, I’m fully aware that these women are all white too, but if you can’t figure out why a Person of Color who operates in Hollywood circles would want their teeth repaired, I don’t know what I am Tell you.)

Show me a person who hates Drew Barrymore and I’ll show you a fool. The former child star and today’s TV presenter is, in my opinion, one of the most charming people in the world with one of the most beautiful smiles. Your front teeth sit slightly behind their incisors, they don’t sparkle caricature-like but have the same kind of matte white that you or I can expect at 46. Her smile favors the right side of her face of symmetry instead, and like Buscemi, her teeth make her  -pear more “relatable” despite being the nepotism baby.

Kirsten Dunst even talked about her teeth and said it was Sofia Coppola who convinced her to keep her signature “Snaggle Fangs”. “Sofia is the fanciest, coolest girl and she thinks my teeth are great,” Dunst told Variety. I agree with Sofia.

When asked for his opinion on celebrities who didn’t touch their teeth, Dr. Naysan: “I always tell patients it’s not the smile that makes you special. It’s you who make the smile. That gives them their personality … When they confidently rock this look, it looks better than when I conjure up the most beautiful smile that doesn’t have the confidence to rock the look. “

I was touched by the feeling.

There is an old adage that “clothes make the man”. I don’t agree with that. When it comes to famous people, everything is in the teeth. What a celebrity does to their teeth tells me everything: do they have a decent amount of liquid cash? Do you care what others think? Are you ready to live with the knowledge that under your “perfect” grin there are a lot of polished little knobs? Keeping your teeth natural is the easiest way to be authentic in the terrible entertainment industry, forgive me. And at a time when A-listers are trying to vlog their way to relatability, a little tingling might do them good.

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