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Michael Jordan’s bodyguards shun J Balvin mistaking him for a common fan, tell him to step away

J Balvin, One of the most famous reggeaton artists is a worldwide celebrity. However, it depends on your celebrity status to have certain privileges, such as the opportunity to meet and greet the GOAT, which is why this happened to the Colombian singer when he appeared at the Nascar Cup Series on Sunday faced Michael Jordan in Bristol.

Both characters were facing each other in the pit area and when Balvin tried to approach to greet “His Majesty”, His security team simply made a gesture and told him to go away and leave MJ alone. However, Mike immediately gave the order to let him pass and hugged him warmly.

How did J Balvin and Michael Jordan meet?

It turns out that the musician and the NBA legend have a good relationship as they have had several collaborations Jordan’s clothes Division with Nike, “Air Jordan”. Balvin was a partner of Nike and Michael Jordan to launch some models and even MJ himself got to wear the sneakers they designed in collaboration with the Colombian singer

It is an honor to have by my side people I have always admired and to see today in my own car in Nascar that we are a team, that we are friends and that we are ambassadors of the Medellín Sunset! Never stop dreaming and working to achieve your goals. THANK YOU Jordan“, the singer on social media.

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