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Kyle Richards: Acting is my first love | Celebrities

Kyle Richards says acting is her “first love”.

The Beverly Hills Real House Wives star recently returned to acting when she re-cast her role as Lindsey in the new Halloween franchise “Halloween Kills” for over 40 years after her  -pearance in the 1978 original. Did.

And now Kyle said she was so excited to start acting again because she was “having so much fun” that she missed acting on camera.

She told People magazine: [director] David Gordon Green. He’s such an incredible director, generous, open-minded, and ego-free. So he made it really easy for me and I loved it. I am glad I continued. “

Kyle took a seven-year hiatus from  -pearing in the 2014 parody movie The Hungover Games to  -pearing in Halloween Kill, in which she focused on her career as a reality star.

Meanwhile, Kyle recently said he was “honorable and excited” to return to the “Halloween” franchise.

She wrote on social media:

“I’m always very proud to be there on Halloween. Bringing Lindsey back is very exciting! # Halloweenkills2020. “

The 52-year-old comment comes after film series producer Malek Akkad revealed the team “might not be h -py” to bring her back into the community.

He says, “We couldn’t be h -py anymore. We were so excited that Kyle got back to her Halloween roots. “

Kyle Richards: Acting is my first love | Celebrities

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