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Diddy shares Easter post of daughter, Love, in return to Instagram amid ongoing probe

AAmid the ongoing investigations and problems, Sean “Diddy” Combs made a comeback Instagramshows his 17 month old daughter, Lovewho he is with Dana Tran.

Mike Tyson firmly removes Diddy's hand from his leg in an awkward resurfaced clip

Diddy has disabled comments on his Instagram

In a series of sweet pictures, Baby love was colorfully dressed Easter Outfits that bring in the holiday spirit.

Diddy's The caption was simple but full Easter Cheers: “HAPPY EASTER from Baby Love.”

In the post that 54 year old The youngest posed in a series of colorful outfits with matching accessories.

Interestingly, comments on the post were disabled, perhaps indicating a need for privacy during this difficult time.

Diddy's recent Instagram activity comes as a result of a spate of controversy surrounding him.

After raids on his homes, his lawyer spoke out strongly against the authorities' actions, calling them excessive and unjustified.

The statement emphasized Diddy's Innocence and his commitment to clearing his name.

Despite all the litigation and media attention Diddy seems determined to maintain some level of normality.

Current sightings in Miami with his twin daughters and his return to social media suggest he's trying to move forward.

However, there are allegations of sexual assault and misconduct Diddy and his companions hang over him.

The recent lawsuits have made an already difficult situation even more complex.

Diddy's legal problems could get worse

combs' The return to Instagram came after a New York Post report claimed that the ongoing allegations could reopen the investigation into the infamous Club New York Shooting of 1999 Jennifer Lopez was also involved in this.

rapper Jamal “Shyne” Barrow served 10 years in prison for assault and weapons possession in connection with the incident.

While the federal government's ongoing investigation continues, it remains unclear whether Diddy was present with his daughter Love At Easter.

His adopted son Quincy Brown appeared in photos with his little sister.

Others present in the same meeting were Kimora Lee Simmons with her children Ming Lee, Kenzo, Wolfie and Gary.

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