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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Related: See A-List Families

Hollywood is a small city full of beautiful days, great people and of course nepotism! Hollywood families have been around since the film was first made: the Barrymores, the Coppolas, the Warner Brothers – it’s in theirs Surname, they don’t even try to deny it! But there are celebrities in Tinseltown that you had no idea were related to.

Don’t expect to see Maria Kate and Ashley Olsen on this list, or Cole and Dylan Sprouse. That would be too easy.

Some celebrity relationships are obvious. To take Tom Hanks and son Colin Hanks For example: They have a similar look, style, and friendly charm that woos an audience. But Tom’s other son Chet Hanks? It’s hard to see the resemblance.

Celebrity family members sometimes even opt for joint projects that can either be an amazing bonding experience or end like a family night out when the board game of choice is Monopoly.

Of course, there are also prominent relatives who change their last name to separate themselves from the family name, either to make it alone or to look like their parents didn’t help them get a job.

Meryl StreepShe is considered one of the greatest actors of our time and played alongside her daughter Mamie Gummer in Ricki and the lightning a film about a rock ‘n’ roll mother and a troubled daughter.

“I am one of four other people on the planet who would not be really intimidated by my mother, the others are the other people I am related to,” said Mamie at the Summer from Sony Event in 2015. “It was a really wonderful experience. To be honest, it was really profound and I’ll  -preciate it. “

Ever heard of the man named Nicolas Kim Coppola, the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola? A note: once he successfully stole the declaration of independence. Instead of giving his government name, the actor walks by Nicolas Cage professional.

“I had to reinvent myself. I’m still Nicolas Coppola legally, but I’m Nicolas Cage, ”said Nicolas The discussions. I love my family and all of their accomplishments, but as a young actor in casting offices, I couldn’t get rid of that. I had to focus on the character and the audition and there was pressure about my name. “

“As soon as I went to the casting office with a new name and they didn’t know there was a connection and I got the role, I was like, ‘I can really do this,'” he added. “I felt liberated. It gave me the freedom to become what I wanted to be in my dreams. “

They can change their last name, but they cannot hide. Keep scrolling to see the celebrities you didn’t know were related!

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