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Celebrities Who Ran the NYC Marathon: Photos – SheKnows

People from all over the world have participated in the New York City Marathon for 50 years. People walk 26 miles, through five boroughs, to reach the finish line. People train for months, even years, up to the world-famous event – and that includes A-list celebrities. This event is for everyone from your neighbor to your favorite actor. But it’s a grueling race that can take some up to six hours to reach the coveted finish line.

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Stars like Kevin Hart and Alicia Keys have trained to get to the top of the race. And many of them do so for charity, helping raise millions through their fundraising drives for disadvantaged children and underrepresented communities. Stars on this list this year include Bachelor Nation alumni Tayshia Adams, who is raising money for World Vision, and Matt James, raising money for ABC Food Tours, and the scholarship program in honor of Bachelorette candidate Tyler’s mother Cameron, Andrea C Cameron Foundation.

Many celebrities also like to share their fitness trips on social media. In 2015 Alicia Keys published a video on Facebook that documents the day of the marathon up to the breathless, triumphant goal. “This is like one for the books that we said ‘we did it’ and we did it together,” she said on voice over on HuffPost. “I never ran the whole city, all five districts. This will be the first time I see it in a new way. ”We love to see how people get excited and feel successful after the historic feat!

From our favorite 1980s stars to our favorite singers, check out which celebrities ran (and finished) the NYC Marathon.

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