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Celebrities share what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

The day before Thanksgiving can be complete chaos or the most fun time of the year, depending on who you ask. Celebs like Joe Jonas, Anna Faris and Jason Momoa are counting their blessings this year and getting ready for some holiday fun.

Thanksgiving is a time to say thank you, and these stars are reflecting on what the holiday means to them.

Joe Jonas: “Just be with family. I think it’s just a time to like – growing up I watched football and hung out with friends and family and I think just being together is what counts.

For “Devotion” star Joe Jonas, his favorite memory is about food. He says the meal isn’t complete when it’s missing…

Joe Jonas: “As much sauce on everything as possible, and I think it’s a tradition that I still separate the different foods on my plate. My dad was always like that, he had to separate them, and I think it’s continuing. Yes, I’m one of them.”

After dinner, it’s time for some classic Christmas movies at Jason Momoa’s house.

Jason Momoa: “Being with my babies and watching these great movies like, you know, sitting and cuddling and watching ‘Home Alone’ Kevin.”

He’s also excited about his latest film, Slumberland.

Jason Mamoa: “Someone came up to me the other day and I was like, ‘Oh, this might be one of those movies you’re going to grow up in, you know.'”

While the family on “The Estate” may not get along, that’s not the case with Anna Faris. She loves her blended family.

Anna Faris: “I’m so thankful that all three kids, I have two stepkids and a son, 10, are really happy right now because when they’re not happy, it’s tough.”

Co-star Toni Collette is grateful for all of her blessings.

Toni Collette: “I’m so thankful for the opportunities and adventures I’ve been given. It just opens so many doors and it blows my mind that my life is like this.”

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