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Celebrities Share Joe Biden Birthday Messages On Social Media – Hollywood Life

President Joe Biden received many congratulations on his 79th birthday on November 20 from his supporters, and thanked him for “bettering the country back” and building more.

president Joe Biden turned 79 on November 20th and it did not go unnoticed! The politician was shown a lot of love for his special day by some of his closest friends and colleagues on social media, and their messages were truly unforgettable. People like Vice President Kamala Harris, former president Barack Obama, and more were among the birthday wishes and we’re taking a close look at what they shared below!

Birthday message from Vice President Kamala Harris for President Joe Biden. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Kamala was one of the first to post about Joe, and she included a photo of the two standing together in the White House sharing a lighthearted laugh. “I wish you a nice and h -py day, @POTUS. H -py Birthday! “She wrote next to it.

Barack Obama’s birthday message for President Joe Biden. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Barack posted a photo of him and Joe sitting outside on folding chairs, wearing suits and ties without blazers and laughing. “H -py birthday to my friend and brother @POTUS! Thank you for giving us all a better infrastructure. Grateful for everything you are doing to rebuild this country better, ”he wrote in the c -tion.

H -py Birthday President @JoeBiden! America’s best days are ahead because of your leadership – and I couldn’t be more proud to build better by your side. pic.twitter.com/MKJ6P2rupP

– Tammy Duckworth (@TammyDuckworth) November 20, 2021

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth also shared a birthday message for Joe along with a cute picture of the two smiling and posing together. “H -py birthday, President @Joe Biden! America’s best days are ahead because of your leadership – and I couldn’t be more proud to build better by your side, “she wrote.

In addition to people in public, Joe’s everyday supporters on Twitter and Instagram also shared lots of birthday wishes, as well as pictures and celebratory memes and gifs. They also used the posts to share their joy at last year’s election victory. “For four years I woke up nervous every day. No longer. What a relief to have Joe Biden as President for ALL of us. He has achieved so much and has only just started. With him at the helm, our future looks so much better. H -py Birthday Joe! ” wrote a Twitter user.

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