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Celebrities Decorating Their Homes for the 2021 Holidays: Photos

Light up the spirits! Candace Cameron Bure, Joanna Gaines, Bindi Irwin and more celebrities don’t wait until December to get in the holiday mood – they started decorating as soon as Halloween ended.

“It’s the best time of the year !!! It h -pens folks !!! ”The 45-year-old full house alum wrote on Instagram on November 10th and shared a video of herself planting her fake tree at home. “The tree is standing and the decoration is only just beginning! H -py Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁 and Merry Christmas 🎁! Don’t try to stop me! “

Gaines, for her part, decorated a special tree with the 3-year-old son Crew at the beginning of November. She also shared a few highlights from the past Christmas season on her Magnolia blog to get fans excited about the Christmas festivities as well.

“Our family’s tradition of giving away ornaments every year began with [my husband] chip [Gaines]is mom, Gayle. For the first year that Chip and I were married, I wanted to use a specific color story to decorate our Christmas tree – and decided it was an all-blue theme, ”Joanna, 43, wrote on a recent blog. “That same year on Thanksgiving, Gayle gave us a bright red Radko ornament. In all honesty, I was reluctant to put it on the tree knowing it would mess up my color theme. It makes me laugh now, but at the time I was like, ‘Where should I put this?’ “

The co-founder of Magnolia Network noted that she ultimately decided to put her mother-in-law’s gift on the tree, which resulted in her family giving each other ornaments as pre-Christmas gifts.

“What I learned to love was this: Although this ornament was in stark contrast to my blue tree, this bright red ornament told a story,” she added. “Not only was it a warm present from Chip’s mother, but the ornament was also a sign of our first Christmas together, and that made it worthy to be in the spotlight.”

This year, Joanna decided to add a few special ornaments to her Magnolia collection that will help tell the stories of her own family – including a Sriracha sauce bottle for 15-year-old daughter Ella who, in her opinion, “everything touches “. Mummy. Together with Ella and the crew, Joanna shares the children Drake (16), Duke (13) and Emmie (11) with Chip (46).

Scroll down to see which celebrities have already decorated for the holidays:

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