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Celebrities Celebrate The End Of Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

After almost 14 years Britney Spears can finally take control of her life after Los Angeles County Superior Court Justice Brenda Penny decides to end the pop star’s conservatory role. Spears fans who helped kickstart the #FreeBritney movement, other celebrities and Britney herself share their joy at the end of the Conservatory.

“I am so h -py that this day has finally come” Paris Hilton wrote when she shared an old photo of her and Spears looking at the camera from the back seat of a car. “This moment is so long overdue. Britney Spears is finally free! You are the most resilient, kindest and most inspiring soul. We all love you so much! Your best days are yet to come!”

Donatella Versacewho is also currently designing Spears wedding dress for her upcoming wedding to her longtime boyfriend and now fiancé, Sam Asghari, also shared the excitement. “Freedom is a human right,” she wrote. My heart smiles for you, Britney. Congratulations on your regained and well-deserved emancipation. I love you, your wild fans love you and the world NEEDs your brilliance. H -py Britneypendence Day! “

Cher and Vera Wang also wrote notes in which Spears congratulated her on the end of her conservatory days. Cher used an abundance of emojis to show her excitement for the pop superstar’s end of conservatory period, while Vera Wang emphasized “FREEDOM.”

Cyndi Lauper also shared their congratulations while Iggy Azalia wrote, “I don’t think anyone on this planet is h -pier than Britney Spears today and the thought of it really makes me smile.”

Courtney Love, Missy Elliot, Andy Cohen, 98 degrees, and Quest love also wrote messages for Britney Spears, celebrating her freedom and wondering who else can get justice.

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