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Cardi B Meeting Other Celebrities: Funniest Moments [PHOTOS]

Their entertaining exchange continued when you gave Cardi a package of Badgley’s character. The gift included a navy blue hat with his famous “Hello You” greeting sewn on it, and came with a note written in the voice of Goldberg’s creepy tale.

“Hello, you … my stalking and killing makes me a certified freak maybe seven days a week, but it got me to … you too,” read the message referring to Cardi’s hit song “W -“.

“Cardi B, you have a way with social media. You are meaningful. In terms of content. I just like you,” it continued. “I can’t wait to see you kill in that hat. But I definitely hope you don’t go away. “

The r -per shared the surprise gift and asked himself, “How did Joe find my new home address?”

You’s official Twitter account then hilariously replied, “H -py guess …” with a GIF from Goldberg’s show stalking someone.

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