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19 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gamers

Celebrities… they’re just like us! And by “us” I mean gamers.

Not everyone who has played a video game identifies as a “gamer,” but these celebrities definitely do! If you are a certified player yourself, here are some celebrities who will probably want to play with you.


Brie Larson

Marvel Studios / Via youtube.com

Brie has been very open about her love for video games in recent years and even has her own YouTube channel where she plays/streams games. One particular video worth highlighting is Brie teaching Tessa Thompson how to play Fortnite. Because of her love for video games, Bries has even appeared in commercials for Nintendo, showing off her skills with Animal Crossing and Ring Fit Adventure.


Matthew Perry

New Line Cinema / Via youtube.com

Matthew Perry’s love of gaming runs so deep that he once told Ellen DeGeneres that he started developing carpal tunnel syndrome after playing Fallout 3 too much. His love for Fallout even prompted Perry to land a role in Fallout: New Vegas as Benny.


Will Arnett

Electric Avenue / Netflix / Via youtube.com

Will Arnett, star of BoJack Horseman and Arrested Development, is an avid gamer of the Call of Duty franchise. In fact, his love for the games even led him to partner with Infinity Ward and provide voiceover work in 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Arnett has also said he plays Call of Duty online with celebrity friends like Jason Sudeikis.


Henry Cavill

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

While this revelation might not come as too much of a surprise since Cavill is also the star of The Witcher TV adaptation on Netflix and plays Geralt of Rivia, it’s worth noting that Cavill is a huge video game nerd himself! Cavill even built his own gaming PC! That shows true dedication to a player’s life.


Daniel Craig

MGM / Via youtube.com

Like many of the celebs on this list, Daniel Craig is reportedly a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, especially Vice City. He’s also a big fan of games with deep, complex storylines and storylines, and has named Halo as one of his favorite video games.


Serena Williams

Mondadori Portfolio / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

World famous tennis star Serena Williams has revealed herself as a true gaming fan. World-renowned tennis star Serena Williams has become known as a true gaming fan – specifically, she is a fan of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). back to the 80’s. In an interview with Essence, Williams told the publication that she’s a fan of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and duck hunting. She’s even a firm believer in an ancient technique for making old game cartridges work again (blow air on them and the system over and over again). Can 100% confirm it works!


Naomi Osaka

Eurasia Sport Images / Getty Images

The second tennis star on this list, Osaka has repeatedly said that gaming has always been a big aspect of her life. Osaka mostly loves using games to deal with the stresses of competition and the demands of traveling around the world, and she even helped design a custom skin for Fortnite in March 2022.



Paramount Pictures / Via youtube.com

The School of Rock star has been a longtime fan of video games since childhood and shares his love of gaming on his YouTube channel, JablinskiGames, which has over four million subscribers.

Sure, maybe he doesn’t play games most of the time, but technically it’s still a gaming channel!



Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Drake is a huge Fortnite fan and even broke records with his co-stream with popular Twitch gamer Ninja. Their stream, in which the duo played Fortnite, broke the non-tournament record for the most-watched stream by a single player, with over 635,000 concurrent viewers.


Kim Kardashian

Fulwell 73 / Via youtube.com

Figuring out that Kim Kardashian is a big gamer herself took some research, but apparently Kim took to Twitter multiple times in 2012 to discuss her excitement at the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 reveal trailer. Who knows if Kim is still keeping up with the franchise, but back in 2012, she was proven to be one of the game’s biggest fans!


Vin Diesel

Universal Pictures / Via youtube.com

Vin Diesel is reportedly a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan and has been very open about his love for the classic table-top RPG. In addition, Diesel will soon star in an adaptation of Ark: Survival Evolved, a game he has long been a fan of after his son introduced him to the series.

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