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12 of the most tattoo-obsessed celebrities, from David Beckham, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, to Rihanna, Billie Eilish and Angelina Jolie – but who has over 100 on their body?

Is there a celebrity tattoo you can immediately picture without having to look it up? Rihanna’s goddess Isis, for example, or Justin Bieber’s cross? For some stars, their body art has become a part of their identity like the clothes they wear.Some are famous for having their lovers’ names engraved on their bodies, only to cover them up months later – it’s us I’m looking at you, Ariana – while for others we wonder where they keep theirs. For example, did you know that Ed Sheeran has up to 60 tattoos?

Let’s take a look at the most tattoo-obsessed celebrities—and the stories behind some of their more unusual tattoos.

1. Ariana Grande

Toulouse is the name of Ariana Grande’s family dog. Photo: @awianahq/Instagram

Grande reportedly has an impressive list of over 40 tattoos, ranging from Harry Potter-style ink and the names of her dogs to numerous celestial bodies, including the sun, moon and stars, on the back of her left hand. Previous small tattoos on her hand and chest dedicated to her ex Pete Davidson have since been transformed into other designs.

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2. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish showed off her Chinese dragon tattoo in an Instagram post and recently got a huge, futuristic tattoo on her back. Photos: @billieeilish/Instagram

Unlike Grande’s 40 or so tiny tattoos, Billie Eilish goes big when she decides to get a tattoo. Although the “Ocean Eyes” singer told Vanity Fair back in 2020 that she would never show her tattoos to the public, it seems that she has since changed her mind and revealed in an Instagram not only the great Chinese dragon, which There’s post inked on her right hip, but now also a huge abstract design on her back.

3. David Beckham

If you watched the current Beckham documentary On Netflix you would have been reminded once again how many tattoos the football legend now has. With almost every inch of his upper body covered, the 48-year-old seems genuinely addicted to getting under the needle.

According to Men’s Health, the footballer is said to have almost 80 tattoos, most of which are dedicated to his family. He also has Chinese characters on the left side of his torso that read, “Death and life have appointed dates.”

4. Harry Styles

While Beckham’s tattoos overlap and blend into each other and tend to follow a Renaissance, floral or religious theme, Styles looks more like a human doodle – but one that’s a lot more fun to look at.

The “Watermelon Sugar” singer and Don’t worry, darling Star He is believed to have about 55 tattoos in total, including a giant butterfly just below his chest, a pair of folded hands, ferns on his hips, a guitar, a ship, a star, the word “Hi” and a bare-breasted mermaid, Birds, a Halloween skeleton and a giant beating heart – and that barely scratches the surface, if you’ll pardon the pun.

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5.Angelina Jolie

It took five attempts to remove Angelina Jolie’s Billy Bob tattoo – but several years later she still has one of Brad Pitt on her back. Photos: @90s.violet; @thequeenangiejolie/InstagramPerhaps the first woman in Hollywood to truly shock the world with her tattoos, Angelina Jolie’s vampire look while dating actor Billy Bob Thornton This included having his name prominently engraved above a dragon on her arm. “I’ll never be stupid enough to get a man’s name tattooed on me again,” she later said in an interview, according to Harper’s Bazaar, adding, “It took five trips to the tattoo removal clinic to erase it.” Although she ignored her own advice and tattoos in Thailand in 2016 “tie” her to Brad Pitt (oops)According to Hello! She now has a total of 19 designs, including a 12-inch-long Bengal tiger celebrating her Cambodian citizenship and the birth coordinates of her children.

6. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s chest started out with a cross tattoo that has since been supplanted by several others. Photo: @justinbieber/Instagram

According to multiple sources, Bieber got his first tattoo when he was 16 – a seagull – and now boasts about 70. From the rose on his neck, which, as he told Vogue, reminds him that “beauty shines, “even when I have flaws,” even despite our rough edges,” to matching tattoos with wife Hailey and more than one dedicated to Jesus, it’s fair to say he’s also a tattoo addict.

7. Cardi B

Cardi B got her colorful peacock thigh tattoo refreshed in 2020. Photo: @iamcardib/Instagram

The outspoken rapper likes to show off her tattoos, which have to be some of the most colorful of all celebrities. Cardi B is best known for her large ink art on her thighs and buttocks, which require hours of painful work. The peacock covering her right thigh was originally made in 2010, but she decided to have it enhanced in 2020, according to Cosmopolitan. That same year, she had artist Jamie Schene spend more than 60 hours inking flowers from her right shoulder down her back to halfway down her left thigh.

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8. Rihanna

Rihanna’s playful, ethereal tattoos include one of the goddess Iris below her bra area. Photos: @yesfenty/Instagram; @badgalriri/Instagram According to People magazine, Rihanna now has a total of 25 tattoos. Instead of focusing on one area, the designs are carefully placed everywhere, from the ankle to behind the ear – everything as regal and ethereal as she is. From a crown around her ankle and henna-style patterns on her hands and wrists to the goddess Isis below her bra area and a star constellation on the back of her neck, the “Umbrella” singer’s tattoos have just as much personality as the superstar does.

9. Post Malone

Post Malone is the original poster boy for extreme tattoos. Photo: @postmalone/Instagram Only two stars on this list have dared to push the boundaries of tattooing by inking their faces – and one of them is Rapper Post Malone, who is often dubbed a treasure”. On his head you can see a skull with devil horns, a giant spider and the outlines of New York and Texas. He has the words “always” and “tired” tattooed under each eye. According to Men’s Health, the “Better Now” singer has between 78 and 100 tattoos to date.

10. Ed Sheeran

He may be seen as a clear-cut romantic, often jokingly compared to Prince Harry, but Ed Sheeran’s 60-plus tattoos rival Styles’s for their graphic intensity and Cardi B’s for their rainbow of colors. Sheeran’s UK-based tattoo artist Kevin Paul told GQ: “A lot of people make fun of his tattoos, especially on his front, but they don’t know that Damien Hirst himself designed some of them.” That’s impressive.

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11. Travis Barker

Travis Barker has literally every inch of his body inked. Photo: @travisbarker/InstagramAs the drummer of Blink 182, it should come as no surprise that Travis Barker is a fan of tattoos – it’s part of the punk rock look. The Love for the life of Kourtney Kardashian has a total of over 100 tattoos. “When I’m dead, I want people to be able to look at my body and relive my life in some way,” he told GQ in 2016.

12. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas has a number of small, graphic tattoos, including one dedicated to his late dog Waldo. Photos: @sophxjoe/, ​​@joejonas/Instagram Many get inked to remember important people or meaningful events in their lives, and Joe Jonas is no exception. In 2017, Jonas and his now estranged ex-wife Sophie Turner got matching tattoos of their dog Waldo after he died in an unexpected accident. In addition to his around 20 other tattoos, he also has a rope tattoo on his forearm dedicated to his famous siblings and their parents.

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