50 Cent Comments on Trump May Lose The Election - "They Will Dirty Him, He Will Go To Jail"

50 Cent Comments on Trump May Lose The Election – “They Will Dirty Him, He Will Go To Jail”

Roommate, 50 Cent does what he knows best … trolling. As everyone continues to wait for the results of the current 2020 presidential election, 50 Cent has his own thoughts on what could possibly happen to Donald Trump if he loses.

On his Twitter account, 50 Cent posted a message about Trump who may go to jail if Joe Biden becomes the next President of the United States. As usual, his comment was filled with his usual overly trolling behavior.

50 Cent wrote:

“Man, they’re going to get Trump dirty, he’s going to jail. You have ever brought together a president who says stop counting the king’s votes. LOL SMH ”

50 responded to the numerous lawsuits Trump filed to prevent battlefield states from continuing to count votes to determine the outcome of the presidential election.


As we previously reported, Trump has moved in three states – Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan – to stop the votes, claiming his campaign has no meaningful access to some Michigan ballot papers.

“We are also calling for a review of the ballot papers that are opened and counted even though we did not have meaningful access,” the Trump administration said in a statement.

Indeed, early Thursday the vote in Philadelphia was suspended due to Trump’s lawsuit – a decision reportedly pending. However, Georgia counts again when Joe Biden tries to turn the state blue.

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