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Williamsport City Hall offices are still open to the public by appointment only | News, sports, jobs

Appointments must be made to see City Hall employees other than the Treasurer / Tax Collector and the Bureau of Codes at City Hall, a policy Mayor Derek Slaughter put in place shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began last year.

A sign remains on the first floor blocking access to the stairs that lead to the second and third floors, although the elevator is still in operation.

“Town hall open to the public only by appointment” the sign reads.

On the sign is a list of city employees, their office phone numbers and emails. Appointments are required except with the tax office or for approval with Codes.

In the meantime, the town hall has been extensively renovated from the outside as part of the accessibility. There is a new sidewalk and curb cuts that allow access in preparation for installing a new access ramp.

When asked, Slaughter did not say when or if the visiting policy will change.

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