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Why MAC Football is the best conference to bet on and tips to win big

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Why MAC Football is the best conference to bet on and tips to win big

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The Mid-American Conference isn’t just a popular college football subsection with fun play styles and a number of rivalries across the state. The MAC, which begins in 2021, is also one of the best college football betting conferences in the nation, offering bettors plenty of opportunity ahead of the season opener next week on Thursday, September 2nd.

We keep an eye on the MAC all season, posting weekly updates and betting previews covering everything you need to know about legal betting from Mount Pleasant to Athens and everywhere in between.

The MAC is perfect for a hyper-focused breakdown among serious gamers. The majority of the teams are located in legal gambling states. So if you visit sports betting sites in Michigan or Indiana sports betting sites, or any of the other states where sports betting is legal, you will have no problem taking action.

The lines aren’t as tight as you’ll see in the SEC or the Big Ten as the betting deals are smaller. The conference also offers entertainment and betting opportunities on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in November on betting apps and betting sites with games during the week.

The conference is an absolute blast, known for pinball scoring and epic fourth quarters. We’re going to dig in like never before this season to enjoy the race.

MAC Championship 2021 odds

Odds via BetMGM and current at the time of publication. Check out our BetMGM Sports Betting Review.

2021 MAC betting tips for the season

How the West won

There’s still a lot of parity in the MAC, but the West Division has been the stronger side in recent years. It definitely looks like that will be the case again in 2021.

The two top betting favorites among the big betting apps are both in the west section, with Toledo at the top with +220 with BetMGM. Defending champion Ball State is +425 after pissing Buffalo for his first title since 1996 in the 2020 championship game.

Since the west is top heavy, you will find some value in the east section. Buffalo and Ohio are both listed at +550, with the Bulls finishing a regular season 5-0 before the title game tips over. Ohio only played three games and finished 2-1, but both programs should be strong again.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but the college football futures markets clearly favor the West to produce another champion in December.

Fall in love with the over

Usually this is terrible advice when it comes to over / under betting. Audiences obviously prefer betting overs because it’s more fun to watch and hope for a lot of points. As a result, the under tends to have some value in large matchups, and in most cases we would never recommend betting blindly on the over.

But there’s another reason the MAC is so much fun – these matchups almost always deliver a lot of offensive, and the over has hit consistently no matter how high the odds set the number.

Of the 12 teams in the conference, only three have seen the under hit more often than the over in the past two seasons – Miami, Ohio, Western Michigan and Bowling Green. The over is .500 or better for all remaining teams and was an especially smart bet for the remaining Michigan schools.

Central Michigan was one of the best over teams in the country at 10-4, while Eastern Michigan is right there at 8-3-2. The over is 8-5 in Buffalo games and we wouldn’t be surprised if these three schools took on bettors for another profitable season in 2021.

Why MAC Football is the best conference to bet on and tips on how to win the Big 1

shopping spree

From sports betting sites in Illinois to operators in Michigan, the ability to easily place legal bets across much of MAC country is another reason the conference is so appealing.

They have three Michigan schools in Western, Central, and Eastern, all of which are available for online betting across the state. The same goes for northern Illinois, where online betting is now legal there (albeit with a required personal registration).

Buffalo, New York bettors can go under, as can those in Indiana for Ball State. The pressure is also on when it comes to sports betting in Ohio, as four of the five border states offer legal sports betting. If Buckeye State introduces sports betting in the coming years, it would bring six more schools into the game and offer legal betting for the entire conference.

For bettors in the current states, we strongly recommend signing up for multiple sports bets before the season begins. That way, you can find the best line for each game as it differs from book to book. Even that one point difference adds up over the course of the season, and you definitely want to pick the best line available for any bet regardless of the circumstances.

In this section, we bring you the best college football lines every week, along with full coverage of the most betting-friendly conference in the country.

Select week 1 MAC betting lines

Odds via DraftKings as well as FanDuel and PointsBet. Check out our DraftKings vs. FanDuel review for the latest comparison of the two sports bets.

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