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Weekend: I don’t know how to slow down | Celebrities

Weekend “don’t know what diapering means.”

The “Blinding Lights” hitmaker admits he’s not interested in giving up his career and jokes that he doesn’t even know the meaning of the term “wind-down”.

He says: I love to work. I love my job. I love to create. “

A 31-year-old singer (real name Abel Tessfay) was nominated for an Emmy for her appearance on the Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year and said the nomination was a “fun surprise” after being snubbed. More and more of Grammy Awards.

He explained: I didn’t even think about being nominated for the Super Bowl Emmy Awards, so I was very grateful. I knew they submitted it for me, but I didn’t think you could. So that was a pleasant surprise. “

Weekend admitted that performing at the famous halftime show came with “pressure”. This applies in particular if you are commissioned to provide a COVID-safe service.

He added to Billboard magazine, “That pressure was only because of the idea that it was just the Super Bowl. Next, we need to adapt to what we are dealing with and create a COVID-safe and COVID-free environment. The silver lining is ours. Was very creative and needed it to turn it into a film trip. It was more of a story than a halftime show spectacle. There was a silver lining in it, We didn’t know what we were crazy about. We were a little blind, but it was a great result. “

Weekend: I don’t know how to slow down | Celebrities

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