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Video shows desperate Afghans boarding a US jet to flee | App top news

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – In video footage that could become the defining images of the Kabul fall, Afghans desperate to escape the Taliban takeover clung to the side of a departing US military jet as it crossed the tarmac on Monday rolled. Some of them apparently fell to their deaths as the plane gained altitude.

Numerous people ran alongside the giant US Air Force plane at Kabul airport, and some managed to gain a foothold before take off.

In total, at least seven people were killed in the chaotic evacuation at the airport, including several who fell from a military jet, the US authorities said.

A video that appeared to show the same aircraft from a distance showed people watching as one or more objects fell to the ground.

You could hear people say, “Look, someone fell” and then “Ohhh, someone else fell too”.

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