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Victoria Beckham Will Not Return to Spice Girls | Celebrities

Victoria Beckham has ruled out a co-role with the Spice Girls again.

The 47-year-old star didn’t attend Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel B or Melanie C when they returned together for a number of shows in 2019. She insisted they wouldn’t go on stage if they went on tour again. In the future, she will already be offering her fans what they “really, really want” in terms of fashion and beauty.

Regarding “Good Morning America” she said: “The fans have always been very nice and very nice trips, but now I’m focusing on fashion and beauty. This is my passion.

“What I like about cosmetics is being in the lab, being creative, and focusing on the cosmetics’ clear message.”

“It develops the products I love and works closely with my community so that in the end I give them what they want, what they really want.”

Elsewhere on the show, fashion designers admitted the fact that she was still “fun” because of her long marriage to her husband David.

When asked about relationship advice she would give her four children, she said:

“We have a lot of fun. We support each other in everything we do, but that means enjoying and enjoying that person’s company. I really love being with them.”

Despite Victoria’s claims, she won’t play with the Spice Girls again, but Mel C recently claimed to join the group when her friend was playing the legendary Glastonbury Festival.

When asked if the band would be interested in performing at Glastonbury, Mel replied, “It’s a dream – you know, we want it.”

And she was asked if Victoria would be on the show, she added. “Well, Mrs. Beckham wants to play Glastonbury between you and me.

“This is often rumored but it is not seriously discussed, but the 2019 show was great so we always talk about getting back on stage.

“If the world allows it, I want to do it again.”

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