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Turkey evacuates some flood victims; Death toll reaches 62 | App top news

ISTANBUL (AP) – Turkey sent ships to evacuate people and vehicles from a northern Black Sea city hit by flooding as the death toll rose to at least 62 in the disaster on Sunday and more people than were missing.

Torrential rains hit the country’s northwestern Black Sea provinces on Wednesday, causing flooding that destroyed homes, severed bridges, carried away cars and made numerous roads impassable. In the province of Kastamonu, 52 people died, nine in Sinop and one in Bartin, said the Turkish civil protection agency AFAD.

The Turkish interior minister said 77 people were still missing from the floods. Eight stayed in the hospital.

Rescue workers across the region have continued to search for the missing amid the many partially collapsed buildings. The Turkish Ministry of Defense sent two ships to evacuate people and vehicles from a city in Sinop. They also sent military vehicles that can serve as makeshift bridges to gain access to areas where bridges have been destroyed.

The Israeli Defense Ministry announced on Sunday that it had turned to Turkey with an offer to send a search and rescue team.

The severe floods came after Turkey weathered a scorching heatwave and crews tamed forest fires in the south that raced across the country’s Mediterranean coast.

Climate scientists say there is little doubt that the burning of coal, oil and natural gas causes climate change to cause more extreme events such as heat waves, droughts, forest fires, floods and storms as the earth warms up.

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