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Top news of the day: GST Council postpones implementation of tax hike on textiles; Official sources say Omicron has started replacing the Delta variant in India, and more

The main headlines of the day and more.

Currently the tax rate for man-made fibers (MMF) is 18%, for MMF yarn 12%, while fabrics are taxed at 5%.

Although 80% of travelers who tested positive have this new variant, only a third of all recognized cases were mildly symptomatic and the rest were asymptomatic, official sources said. According to data from the Union Ministry of Health released on Jan.

Hours before the festivities began, Australian health officials reported a record 32,000 new virus cases, many in Sydney.

The move, seen as rare and undiplomatic interference, comes after six MPs from India’s all-party parliamentary forum for Tibet attended a meeting at a hotel in Delhi.

Following an instruction from the central government, the agency has launched an investigation under various provisions of India’s Criminal Code and the Law to Prevent Unlawful Activities. A NIA team could visit Germany soon to investigate the case.

However, the extension will not bring any relief to the Missionaries of Charities (MoC) founded by Mother Teresa, as the Union’s Interior Ministry has assured that NGOs whose  -plication for extension has been rejected are neither entitled to receive nor to receive the foreign grant in its intended form use bank accounts.

“It’s not BJP money,” said the Union Treasury Secretary when asked about the opposition’s indictment that the $ 197.49 billion in cash are now raiding the other Jains she was originally trying to target.

This number is one of the lowest death tolls in 30 years since the International Union of Journalists first published annual reports in 1991 about journalists killed in incidents related to their work. In 2020, 65 deaths were recorded.

The three reactors, which are now being decommissioned, started up for the first time in the mid-1980s.

Except for crude oil and cement, all other sectors posted positive growth in November.

Finance Minister Tarun Bajaj said December 31, 2021 was still the official deadline for filing income tax returns.

The former skipper will be in domestic isolation under medical supervision and will not be infected with the Omicron variant, said the hospital authorities.

The Sri Lanka Batters looked completely at sea against the Indian bowlers.

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