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Top-News Dolphins continue to exercise the sales cycle with dividends

The final fumble, Xavien Howard’s Strip and Scoop in the fourth quarter, flipped the odds metrics from a 70.7 percent advantage for the home team to a 64.4 percent chance of winning in Miami. It was also an opportunity to put the game on hold with the four-minute offense. The result: a well-executed march, triggered by a first down strike from Tua Tagovailoa to DeVante Parker. After that throw, Miami’s chance of winning increased another 10.4 percent (to 74.8) as the Dolphins crawled out of the shadows of their own goal post.

The 13 yard finish got Miami off the blocks while the offensive line and backs got the Dolphins to the finish line. Three Tagovailoa knee-downs ago, Miami rushed four carries to 13 wild-sealing yards when everyone in the building knew what was coming.

“I thought, especially at the end of the game, when we needed a couple of first downs for football to pass the clock, it was good to see we finish the game with the ball,” said head coach Brian Flores. They knew we’d make it, we knew we’d make it, and we could do a couple of first downs there, so that’s always good. “

Executing the attack complemented a tapered vertical attack that saw Tagovailoa hit the longest pass of his career (36 yards on Jaylen Waddle) and another 30 yard cent for Parker.

“It really comes out pretty much from practice,” said Godsey. “In that look, (Devin) McCourty was tipped to where (Mike) Gesicki was on the side of the single recipient. That put the three recipients in a one-on-one situation where the more accurate we are longer they travel. ” must be because the ball hangs in the air so everyone can see the angle at which it comes down. Jaylen has adjusted well to it. It was a big game. It was a game that eventually gave us a few points, changed the field position and it was a tough throw. It was what we call an inside fade. It was good to see the ball connected. “

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