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These Pretty Cures Are Also Celebrities

In addition to magical heroes, some of the Pretty Cure protagonists are celebrities – and their careers are as important as any battle.

The protagonists of the Pretty Cure franchise are known for being heroic magical girls, but some cures are also known for their civil identities. These characters’ celebrity careers are often as important to their stories as their struggles to save the world, and their two responsibilities are not always inextricably linked.

Here are five of Pretty Cure’s biggest celebrities, and why their stories make for truly magical (girl) storytelling.

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Yup! Pretty Cure 5 Cure Lemonade

If yes! Pretty Cure 5, Urara Kasugano’s late mother, was a famous actress and Urara wants to follow in her footsteps. In addition to fighting evil as Cure Lemonade, Urara appears on stage, on television and has also recorded songs. The crossover film Pretty Cure Miracle Leap shows that she is achieving her goal – she can be seen on TV when the news covers her latest role.

Hugto! Pretty Cure Cure Ange

Hugto! Pretty Cure’s Saaya Yakushiji, also known as Cure Ange, has a similar story to Cure Lemonade’s, but with a very different ending. Like Urara, Saaya is the daughter of a famous actress and has been performing since childhood. But unlike Urara, she decides to leave the entertainment industry and become a doctor instead. However, she first decides to act one last time by the side of her mother, whose career she still values ​​very much.

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Doki Doki! Pretty Cure: Heal Sword

Makoto Kenzaki is a famous idol singer, but her career choice is strongly tied to her duties as a cure sword. Makoto comes from the magical Trump Kingdom, where she guarded Princess Marie Ange. When the Trump Kingdom was attacked by the villainous Selfish, Makoto and the princess fled to Earth but were separated along the way.

Since Marie Ange had always loved her singing, Makoto decided to become an idol in search of the princess in the hopes that Marie Ange would recognize her by her songs. Makoto’s career choice isn’t entirely down to the princess, however – even after she finds out what happened to Marie Ange, Makoto decides to continue being an idol.

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Go! Princess Pretty Cure: Cure Twinkle

Like Urara and Saaya, Kirara Amanogawa wants to follow in the footsteps of her mother, a famous model. Already famous herself, Kirara appears in magazines and is recognized as a celebrity by her classmates. When she first transformed into Cure Twinkle, Kirara didn’t want to go to the other Cures because of her busy schedule, but eventually decided to make time for both of her chores.

At the end of Go! Princess, an adult Kirara, is said to have managed to become a famous model. Miki Aono of Fresh Pretty Cure aka Cure Berry had a similar dream of becoming a top model, but she didn’t seem as famous as Kirara just yet.

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Kira Kira Pretty Cure a la Mode: Perfect Cure

Known as the “Genius Pâtissière”, Ciel Kirahoshi is essentially a celebrity chef. She is actually a fairy named Kirarin who went to France with her twin brother Pikario to study baking. Pikario was jealous of Kirarin’s natural talent, and when she gained her human form from Ciel, he was ultimately driven to leave her and become a villain.

When Ciel realizes that Pikario has felt bad about her, she becomes depressed and only after she has made up with her brother can she become Cure Parfait. Ciel opens her own shop, which quickly becomes popular, but she also helps the other cures at Kira Kira Patisserie.

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Star Twinkle Pretty Cure: Cure Cosmo

Mao is a famous intergalactic idol, but like Makoto, she has an ulterior motive behind her singing career. Mao’s true identity is Yuni from the planet Rainbow, who as the phantom thief Blue Cat steals the stolen treasures of her planet. She uses Mao identity to approach the wealthy aliens who hold Rainbows treasure, but her music has a bigger impact on the entire series: Alien mascot Prnce was on the verge of finding the Pretty Cures to give up, but hearing Mao’s song renewed his hope. Without Yuni’s famous alter ego, the Cures might never have been found, and she herself eventually becomes the fifth member of the team, Cure Cosmo.

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