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These Celebrities Over 90 Are Still Thriving In Hollywood

“I never look myself in the face and think, ‘God, you’re getting old,’ or think I’m running out of breath.”

Getting older doesn’t mean slowing down! And for a select group of Hollywood’s biggest stars, they don’t see age as a reason to retire. After decades of success in Hollywood, these celebrities have decided to continue working well into their 90s.

For celebs like Dick Van Dyke, Rita Moreno and William Shatner, their careers continue to thrive into their 90s — and they’ve become unequivocal proof that age is just a number!

Find out which celebs are still leaving their mark at 90…

1. Clinton Eastwood

Age: 91

Birthday: May 31, 1930

Clint Eastwood is now in his 90s, but that’s not stopping him from appearing on the big screen. In 2021, he both directed and starred in Cry Macho. When it comes to aging, he says he prefers “not to think about it.”

“I think sometimes when I was a little kid hanging out with my grandfather who was in his 90’s and I was like, ‘Jesus, who the hell would want to live that long,'” Clint joked of The Ellen Show.


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2. James Earl Jones

Age: 90

Birthday: January 17, 1931

James Earl Jones has no plans to stop working after turning 90 last year. The actor was last seen in “Coming 2 America” ​​shortly before his milestone birthday. He says he feels “amazing and grateful” at this point in his life and wants to keep playing “as long as possible”. [he] can.”

“Looking back on my life and my extensive career, I am so proud of my work and my achievements. I love getting older and wiser over time,” James told People.

3. William Shatner

Age: 90

Birthday: March 22, 1931

Best known for his role on Star Trek, William Shatner is still on the big screen at 90 and wants to keep going for as long as possible! In 2021 he starred in Senior Moment and has worked on several other projects such as Keeper of the Cup and The Elevator.

“What I want in 10 years, I want to ride my horses, I want to love my family, I want to do these things that I do. I started a podcast. It will be about the future, about what is happening in science. I want to introduce myself to this science so that what was sci-fi during ‘Star Trek’…I’d love to be there when today’s sci-fi becomes science fact,” William told ET.


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4. Rita Moreno

Age: 90

birthday: December 11, 1931

At 90, Rita Moreno is one of the few stars to have earned an EGOT — an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award. Rita has made her mark in films like ‘West Side Story’ and even appeared in Steven Spielberg’s version of the cult film in 2021. She will next be seen in The Prank.

“I think it’s all to do with genes,” Rita said recently of her youthful vitality.

5. Mel Brooks

Age: 95

Birthday: June 28, 1926

Mel Brooks may be nearing his late 90s, but he’s still working hard. The actor, who has found success on television, films and Broadway, published a memoir just last year. He is also working on a sequel to his hit song “A History of the World, Part I” for Hulu, a made-for-TV movie called “Fairy Tale Forest,” and several voice acting roles. Mel says his passion for life and creativity stems from his childhood.

“I think there was something rich and wonderful about growing up in Brooklyn. It was a magical place that filled you with dreams, ideals and a zest for life. I remember being a little kid and loving being alive. They say comedians usually have “a bad childhood, so they make up for it with laughter and audience love. That’s nonsense! For me, it’s about continuing the love you got as a kid. I had as a kid lots of love and I don’t have any.” I want this love to stop,” Mel told AARP.


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6.Robert Duvall

Age: 91

Birthday: January 5, 1931

Although Robert Duvall has just turned 91, he has numerous projects in the works. Just last year, the veteran actor starred in 12 Mighty Orphans and is in the process of filming The Plowmen and The Pale Blue Eye. Fans will next be able to see him in “Hustle” alongside Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah when it premieres in 2022. On top of that, he says he has “a few more” in him.

7. Norman Lear

Age: 99

Birthday: July 27, 1922

Television legend Norman Lear may be almost 100 years old, but he’s still busy writing and producing. In 2017, he helped create the One Day at a Time revival and served as executive producer on the series, which ran through 2020. Last year he executive produced a documentary about longtime girlfriend Rita Moreno, a television special on The Facts of Life. ‘ and ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ as well as several upcoming TV series. Norman says the secret to his longevity is living in the moment.

“Two little words we don’t pay enough attention to: over and next. When something is over, it’s over and we move on to the next one. And I like to think of the hammock in the middle of those two words. This is living in the moment. This is the moment I believe I’m living as I complete this sentence. And it couldn’t be more important to me,” Norman told NPR.


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Age: 91

Birthday: November 3, 1930

Longtime actress Lois Smith is known for her work in film, television and theater and is still making her mark at 91. After starring in The French Dispatch in 2021, Lois will next be seen in Mack & Rita. Her voice will also be heard in the upcoming documentary The Gettysburg Address.

“I don’t know why I can keep doing this. I really think the fact that I’m lucky plays a role — I’m in good health, I’m mobile, I have most of my marbles,” Lois told the LA Times.

9. Dick Van Dyke

Age: 96

Birthday: December 13, 1925

Dick Van Dyke just turned 96 and he’s still going strong – literally! In 2021, the actor showed off his workout routine, doing a series of sit-ups in his backyard. During the conversation, Dick noted that while working on “Mary Poppins Returns,” he chose the hardest dance after being offered three to choose from. Next, he will star in the upcoming movie, Capture the Flag.

“So all you old guys out there, listen to me. I’m telling you, you can carry on. I still dance and sing,” Dick told CBS.

10.Angela Lansbury

Age: 96

Birthday: October 16, 1925

Angela Lansbury’s career has spanned a whopping eight decades, and she still appears in films as often as possible. In 2018, she starred opposite Dick Van Dyke in both Mary Poppins Returns and Buttons, A New Musical Film.

“I was never particularly aware of my age. It’s like riding a bike – I just step on it and keep going. I never look myself in the face and think, ‘God, you’re getting old,’ or think about running out of breath,” Angela once said.

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12. Tippi Hedren

Age: 91

Birthday: January 19, 1930

Not only has Tippi Hedren shaped Hollywood her entire life, she is the matriarch of a family of a new generation of actors, including her daughter Melanie Griffith and granddaughter Dakota Johnson. During her career, Tippi has appeared in over 80 films and television shows and is reportedly set to next star in Unforgettable alongside Joan Collins.

“I guess I don’t know, maybe I was just one of those people who was in the right place at the right time and/or that I was smart enough to take advantage of opportunities. Maybe it was a little bit of both, a little bit of everything,” Tippi said of her career.

13. Marla Gibbs

Age: 90

Birthday: June 14, 1931

‘The Jeffersons’ actress Marla Gibbs has an impressive on-screen resume and has no plans to retire anytime soon! In 2021, Marla was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and cast for a recurring role on Days of Our Lives. She also worked on several short films including Alone Together and Orpheus Star. She will next appear in HeadShop and is currently filming Bromates.

“Everything you leave behind [the words] “I am” is very powerful. I’m 30. I was born in [19]31. So it’s not about magic or anything else. We are both spiritual beings and physical beings. And as spiritual beings we don’t have time, we don’t have age, so I choose to vibrate to 30. That’s the truth, Ruth,” she recently told the Daily News.

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