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The women-led NFT space sparking interest among celebrities

NFTs continue to take the lead, and women are making sure they are part of the conversation. On July 27, 2021, World of Women, one of the first women-led communities, displayed 10,000 artworks with the goal of “making women visible and creating more diversity in the NFT space.” The project quickly gained notoriety and attracted interest from celebrities, including Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon.

Co-founded by Yam Karkai, World of Women is made up of nine people making a big impact. “We love welcoming people to the NFT space and creating a supportive environment for everyone – from new community members and collectors to aspiring artists and NFT enthusiasts,” they shared on their website.

The project only seems to be going up, and World of Women is gaining value and popularity. CryptoSlam ranks the community #24 with revenue of $129.5 million.

Among those buyers is actress Reese Witherspoon, whose NFT 2021 purchase ended up being her profile picture on her Twitter account.

“In the (near) future everyone will have a parallel digital identity. Avatars, crypto wallets, digital goods will be the norm. Do you plan on doing this?” Witherspoon tweeted recently.

World of Women is the NFT space that drives celebrity visibility and interest©world of womenWorld of Women is the NFT space that drives celebrity visibility and interest

Eva Longoria also followed Reese’s steps and bought a World of Women NFT for her Twitter profile. Other high-profile celebrities praising World of Women include Shonda Rhimes and Liam Payne. More stars and entertainment projects are expected to begin supporting and showcasing the digital arts community shortly.

“The signing will see World of Women explore opportunities in the areas of film, television, music, games and consumer products, and licensing deals, among others,” Variety said in a report.

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