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The power exchange in Montenegro should go into operation in H2 2022

The Montenegrin electricity exchange operator (MEPX) Berza Električne Energije (BELEN), the European Power Exchange – EPEX SPOT and the Slovenian electricity exchange BSP SouthPool have signed a service contract to create the day-ahead electricity market on the MEPX.

After several years of unsuccessful tenders and negotiations with interested companies, MEPX has finally succeeded in finding a partner. Albania, Kosovo *, Montenegro and North Macedonia, contracting parties to the Energy Community, have been trying to establish electricity exchanges for several years, and now one of them has made a breakthrough.

BELEN, EPEX SPOT and BSP SouthPool are committed to developing a transparent and efficient electricity market that enables Montenegro to couple with neighboring countries in accordance with European Internal Energy Market (IEM) standards, MEPX said in a press release.

BELEN’s plan is to initiate a link with neighboring stores at the start of day-ahead store operations

The cooperation includes support in setting up the processes and procedures required for the operation of a national day-ahead market in Montenegro, market coupling and day-ahead clearing and settlement processes. The Montenegrin day-ahead electricity market (DAM) is scheduled to go into operation in the second half of 2022, BELEN announced.

BELEN plans to initiate coupling with neighboring markets at the start of day-ahead market operations in order to improve regional electricity market integration and ensure a robust price signal.

Medojević: The goal of MEPX is market coupling with at least one neighboring country

Matija Medojević, CEO of MEPX, said of his goals to include the power market coupling with at least one neighboring country as well as the later establishment of intraday and futures markets.

“EPEX SPOT is excited about this new service agreement, which enables our partners to benefit from EPEX SPOT’s proven trading and clearing solutions,” said Juan Perez, Director of Strategy at EPEX SPOT.

It is noteworthy that in March 2019 BELEN selected Nord Pool as a partner in setting up a day-ahead electricity market in Montenegro, but the negotiations were apparently unsuccessful.

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