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Stephen Fry joins celebrities urging people to switch to green pensions | Pensions industry

Actors Stephen Fry and Kelly Macdonald and former Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson have joined a coalition of activists calling on the public to harness the untapped power of their pensions to help tackle the climate crisis.

You are among the celebrities, activists and corporations joining the 21x Club, launched at the Cop26 Summit in Glasgow by the Make My Money Matter campaign by Richard Curtis, the screenwriter, director and co-founder of Comic Relief , was launched.

The name of the campaign was inspired by a study published this summer suggesting that a green pension is 21 times more effective at reducing your carbon footprint than stopping flying, becoming a vegetarian and switching to a green energy provider .

The 21x Club aims to “bring the power of our pensions mainstream through a range of high profile voices,” including actor Peter Capaldi, former UN climate ambassador and Irish President Mary Robinson, and Christiana Figueres, a former executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The group, which also includes several high profile companies such as Ikea, insurer Aviva and beverage maker Innocent, will make renewed efforts to ensure that all citizens have access to a green pension.

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Make My Money Matter campaigns to move some of the £ 2.6 trillion invested in UK pensions alone from industries that harm people and the planet to sustainable businesses.

It is said that pensions had a crucial role to play in the transition to a carbon-free world, but “limited public engagement, poor visibility and destructive investment practices” meant too much of that money was being invested in ways that did harm, compromised returns contrary was the values ​​of millions of British savers.

Curtis said he was “delighted to start the 21x Club – a group of passionate, resourceful leaders and organizations who are all committed to harnessing the hidden superpower of our pensions to build this better world.”

Fry said, “If you’d asked me about a year ago how a normal person could most affect climate change, I suspect a change in pension would have come very low on my list – way below the commitment to less roast beef eat or buy a new bike.

“But it actually turns out that we can make our money a business. It is kind of a silver bullet if we stop investing in fossil fuels or gambling and instead invest in companies that will change the world.

“The size of it is shocking: trillions upon trillions of cold money that could be used every day to fight climate change. The world desperately needs new big ideas, and this is one of them. “

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