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Sorting Celebrities into Pre-orientation programs

Jenny Huang

Yale pre-orientation programs are a great way for first graders to make friends and orient themselves to Yale through fun activities. However, the programs that incoming yalies choose not only help them make long-term friendships; they also give a pretty good indication of their personality. Yale is full of future – and current – celebrities, but if some of our favorite stars were going to our university, these are the prep programs I think they would choose:

Lord: Harvest

Their latest album is all about enjoying the little things and being one with nature and light. Getting acquainted with Yale and connecting with new people through farming is a healthy way to start your college trip, and the reinvented Lorde would be a perfect fit with the Harvest kids.

Rihanna: FOCUS

Talented, philanthropic and overwhelming in the best sense of the word. Both Rihanna and FOCUS students are successful in everything they do. They use their talents to help those around them and this dedication Rihanna shows in everything she does is why she is at home with FOCUS.

Robert Pattinson: First year orientation trips outdoors

On the one hand, I have the feeling that there is no way he would come close to an orientation program based on completing a demanding hike. But at the same time, I think his manic energy would make him the perfect candidate to survive the wilderness and exhaustion in which I admire FOOT students where they can thrive.

Lupita Nyong’o: Cultural Connections

In addition to being one of the greatest and most successful actresses, she’s also an advocate for diversity and community empowerment. The Yalies in Cultural Connections help create a strong sense of community while discussing issues faced by different communities and advocating for underrepresented people.

Priyanka Chopra: Orientation for international students

Moving to the United States is a tremendous cultural shift, and OIS played such an important role in making a community of friends and getting used to life here. Priyanka Chopra had a hugely successful career in India and is making waves in the US too. But honestly, I don’t think she’d really need how well she blends in. But she would be a great advisor who would make the transition easier for others.

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