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Skateboard decks sold with Tony Hawks DNA mixed in color – NBC 7 San Diego

Skate-Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaks and Tony Hawk fans with $ 500 to burn are waiting for the delivery of the X Games icon’s latest merch: a skateboard deck with a mixture of color and some of his blood.

We’re sure it’s not the first time Hawk has bleeded for his “art”, but when you get the ew factor (or should we say “yew”?) Over. Gnarly in so many, many ways.

The decks are part of a collaboration that Encinitas’ most famous export worked out with Liquid Death Mountain Water’s mission is to make people laugh and make more of them drink water more often while also helping to reduce plastic pollution fight.”

Dozens of bands took to the stage on the second day of the first Wonderfront Festival.

A promo video linked to the deal begins with a nasty close-up of Hawk being pierced by a needle, believed to be the one that was believed to have taken 100 vials of his blood. We assume they are tiny vials or that Hawk had many such sessions.

“I recently became an ambassador for Liquid Death Mountain Water,” Hawk says in the video, waving one of the company’s aluminum cans of water while watching a health tech insert with the said spike on it. “Apparently I haven’t read the fine print and now Liquid Death officially belongs to my soul … and also my blood?”

Hawk said a portion of the profits will go into “killing plastic pollution” and building skate parks in underserved communities.

The lucky (?) 100 buyers of the limited-edition decks were able to receive free shipping of $ 125 after four interest-free payments. Unfortunately the decks were sold out by check out on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, buyer ratings have been exuberant (4.9). However, we believe we found the person who put the review down:

I love Liquid Death and appreciate all the cool merchandise they have … but man, I have to start robbing banks to pay for these things. The cold drinks machine, the mini fridge, now the skateboard. Major Benjamin. What about the little ones who didn’t win the lottery?

He gave the decks a 4.0.

It’s no surprise Hawk is on guard – he always is. Time for a shameless plug: Hawk, of course, was probably last seen on your TV / laptop / phone / streaming device when he was in Tokyo earlier this month. Mr Huckjam himself reported on the skate events for the broadcaster’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.

Gus Kenworthy talks to legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk about the importance of skateboarding’s Olympic debut before trying some new tricks on the board.

Closer to home, the San Diegans await a line-up announcement for the return of the Wonderfront San Diego Music Festival – another of Hawk’s brand ambassador appearances.

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