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Shakira: I want kids to have a normal childhood | Celebrities

Shakira tries to make children as “normal” as possible.

The 44-year-old singer has sons Milan (8) and Sasha (6) with her partner and soccer star Gerard Piqué. Childhood.

Speaking to ET Canada, she said. [my kids] Listening to my music I try to avoid playing my music in my house.

“I try to give them as much normality as possible. I cannot deny the reality that I am a public figure and an inability to escape from my father. But we try to be as normal as possible. We strive to serve and live as very simple people. “

Shakira recently wrote a haunting essay on Child Separation to shed light on children who have been separated from their parents and incarcerated on the border with the United States.

She writes: “I am the daughter of a New Yorker who was born to Lebanese immigrants during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Immigrants were able to lay a solid foundation for themselves and themselves thanks to their entry into the United States. The family before finally settling in Colombia, where I was born and raised.

“Colombia is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, but it is full of inequality and a lack of social mobility. In contrast, the United States has always been listed as the epitome of equal opportunity and endless pursuits. It looked like a place. Anyone can be successful.

“How can a country built on the shoulders of immigrants, whose purpose is to cherish family values, pursue an unimaginably cruel immigration policy? What can justify separating children from their families without them? You are a beacon of hope for people who come from countries where the United States is not even guaranteed basic needs or security. When are you proud? “

Shakira: I want children to have normal childhood | Celebrities

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