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Sarah Ferguson: Princess Diana and I Will Have a “Grandma’s Party” | Celebrities

Sarah Ferguson believes that if she were alive, she and the late Princess Diana would have a “grandmother’s party” together.

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, the 61-year-old royal family, loves “nothing but a smile on the child’s face” and she is the first of the castles she makes bounce at family events.

Sarah said to Bella, “Diana and I had the same total affection for our children.

“Both loved having a smile on their child’s face. We had a great time together at grandma’s party. You and I will be the first. “

Sarah became their first grandmother in February when their daughter Princess Eugenie gave birth to their son in August, and their daughter Princess Beatrice was also pregnant with their first child. I will welcome you

And the author of Flame Hair said the late Princess Wales, tragically killed in a car accident in 1997, “was very proud of Prince William and Princess Harry, their wives, Duchess of Catherine, Duchess of Megan and their grandchildren . I know that. Prince George, 8 people, Princess Charlotte, 6 people, Prince Louis, 3 people, Archie, 2 people, 1 month old Riribet.

In an episode of “Lorraine” she said on Tuesday (August 3rd, 21): “Diana and I experienced an incredible amount in the 80s without social media. We’ve seen so many things, it was really, really difficult, and if she were here today I know she’ll be just like an eagle. She flew up and was very proud of her two sons and her wonderful wife, who gave birth to wonderful children. It’s really. It is an absolute blessing and I am very frank about it. No race, beliefs, colors, other denominations, judgments. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. Friendliness. “

Sarah Ferguson: Princess Diana and I have a “grandmother’s party” | Celebrities

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