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Paris Hilton: Having a child is the “meaning of life” | Celebrities

Paris Hilton believes that having a child is “the true meaning of life”.

The “Cooking With Paris” singer recently rejected speculation that she was expecting her first child with her fiancé Carter Reum, but admitted that she “can’t wait” to have a child one day and on a regular basis. I’m talking to my sister Nicky Hilton. 1 year re-league race and 3 year old Teddy and husband James Rothschild.

She said: “[She told me being a parent] It will completely change your life.

“That is the real meaning of life. It brings joy and love that you never imagined, so I can’t wait for that day. “

When she started her family, the 40-year-old heiress wanted to reduce her workload.

She tells “Entertainment Tonight”:

“But when I became a mother one day, I didn’t plan to travel like I used to. It was exaggerated. “

But for now, Paris is busy planning a wedding and is happy that Carter is well integrated into his family.

She says, “Carter is very close to my family and I am very excited to be able to bring the whole family together.

“I am so blessed that my parents are still together. They’ve been together since I was young and fell in love, that’s the relationship I admire. “

Paris recently laughed at reports of pregnancy and insisted she wouldn’t have children until 2022 because she wanted to get married first.

On a special episode of her podcast, she said, I’ve heard from people who haven’t heard it in years. So thanks for all the news, yes i am pregnant with triplets. Congratulations, I really appreciate it. I am very happy about my motherhood.

“I’m just kidding. I’m not pregnant. Not yet. I’m waiting for the wedding to end. My dress is now ready, so I definitely want to make sure it looks beautiful and fits perfectly. I’m waiting for this part.

“I haven’t done it yet. I can’t wait for a child to be born after the wedding in 2022, but like I said, I’m preparing for the wedding now. “

Paris Hilton: Having a child is the “meaning of life” | Celebrities

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