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Our favorite stories of celebrities who inspire us in daily life

There is more to these familiar faces than their Hollywood lifestyle …

Celebrities are known for their glamorous lives and success, but they don’t always impress us with their characters and life choices. However, there are a handful of men and women who, away from the cameras, have inspired us in so many ways. Take a look at some of the stories below to see how these celebrities have inspired us in admirable ways. You may find that one or two of these inspire you in more ways than one!

Stand up for married life

These men and women have managed to stay together despite the pressures of their famous lifestyle. Their stories not only inspire, they fill us with hope.

10 celebrities whose marriages have stood the test of time

Help for those in need

While many famous people donate large sums to charities, there are certain celebrities who go further and take their charities to heart.

14 celebrities whose charity changed lives

Leaning on their families

It could be said that thanks to the support of their many siblings, these celebrities added a little more to its success.

9 celebrities who were inspired by their big families

Respect yourself and your beliefs

Rarely do you hear from young people who like to tell you that they wanted to go without sex until they get married. These famous men and women are great role models for young people today.

13 Celebrities Who Chose To Save Sex Until Marriage

Love their animal friends

It’s always nice to see people love their four-legged friends, but these celebrities in particular love to play second fiddle behind their beloved pets.

7 celebrities who put their dogs in the spotlight

Providing love and a home to children

These famous people decided to build their families by taking children – often in need – into their homes. With all the love that surrounds the new family, these mothers and fathers are happy to share their happiness and gratitude with the world.

9 celebrities who have adopted

Bring faith into their lifestyle

These men and women talked about how they almost found another calling in life. Although they eventually settled on a field that led them to fame and fortune, their beliefs still had a huge impact on their lives and careers.

5 celebrities who thought about religious life before they got famous

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