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Nick Mwendwa: President of the Kenya Football Association arrested again

Nick Mwendwa (right), President of the Kenya Football Association, in handcuffs on November 12th

The President of the Kenyan Football Association, Nick Mwendwa, has been arrested again and will have to spend another weekend behind bars.

There is no official reason for his recent concern that is coming exactly two weeks after an earlier arrest that saw him behind bars for a weekend.

Then he was released on bail of Kshs 4 million ( -proximately $ 36,000) as further investigations were conducted that resulted in the case being closed.

He has previously denied any wrongdoing.

The latest developments also come one day after a virtual meeting between representatives of the Kenyan government and representatives of the world football association Fifa.

Thursday’s discussions were held to resolve issues in the management of sport in Kenya following the government’s decision To replace Mwendwa with an interim committee.

The outcome of that meeting has not yet been released, but Kenya is risking a ban on global football due to government interference.

When he was first arrested, an FKF spokesman said: “He was not given a reason for his arrest, so we’re still trying to investigate.”

The first arrest and subsequent investigation came after a report by the Kenyan Ministry of Sports earlier this year recommending that authorities investigate the FKF.

The aim of the report was to determine “the extent to which funds may have been embezzled in the FKF with a view to prosecuting the guilty”.

Fifa officials were recently in Nairobi conducting their own audit of the FKF, which Mwendwa has been running since 2016.

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