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Get a 1911 for just $299 while supplies last – SDS 1911 Review

The phrase “classic,” when applied to guns, usually will bring to mind the iconic M1911A1 one that nearly all enthusiasts would love to have in their collection. However, authentic guns are pricey these days–and once you’ve found one, bringing yourself to shoot it, potentially devaluing your purchase, is an uneasy decision. The reason for this is that Turkish producer Tisas created The 1911 A1 US Army, a handgun built to the near-exact replica of the M1911A1 issued by the military and now being imported by SDS Imports.

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Just like its genuine model as well, it is similar to the Tisas 1911A1 US Army is an recoil-operated semi-automatic centerfire firearm with a 5.02″ barrel, and just as you’d expect it’s chambered discharge the classic .45 ACP cartridge from a seven-round detachable box magazine.

Tisas has pulled out all of the options to make the 1911 A1 US Army a dead model for an M1911A1. The chrome-moly-steel frame as well as slide are finished with a deep Parkerization with a touch of olive-drab hue. In addition, it carries the entire range of changes that were introduced to John Browning’s model in the 1920s early. It has a shorter trigger with an arched mainspring frame with scallops both sides of the frame , just below that trigger. It also has an elongated grip safety and a shortened trigger spur. As a nod towards practicality the Tisas port for ejection is lowered, compared to the genuine article, for improved reliability.

Whereas most modern M1911s feature a lot of bling, including brand names and other markings The appearance of this gun is simple and clean and is adorned with only an import marking and the words “Model 1911A1 U.S. Army” printed on the left side of the frame and left edge of the slide, respectively. The lack of style is typical of wartime M1911s that were churned out in the quickest possible manner so they could provide quick support to troops on the battlefield. The Tisas is equipped with checksered-plastic stock in brown that resembles those that could be used on an post-war M1911A1.


We had the opportunity to invite a acquaintance who has an authentic Colt M1911A1 for our shooting range, which enabled us to compare the sights on the SDS as well as those on the Colt as well, and we’re forced to admit that they’re very close. Even though these basic sights can be a nice detail for those who collect replica firearms, they’re certainly not appropriate for use on ranges. The accuracy we tested with Tisas was quite good despite this. The tiniest five-shot, 25-yard range coming in Hornady’s American Gunner ammunition and measuring less than 2.24″.

Throughout our 75-round accuracy test and the 150-round test for function, we had flawless cycling even with ammunition that causes malfunctions in the M1911 design. We observed the thumb safety to be easy to engage and disengage and confirmed that the original half-cock safety was present and functioning.

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The only thing that wasn’t quite as good as that of the original was the trigger squeeze that only had one action that the Tisas’ trigger snapped on average at 4 lbs., 10 ozs. in pressure, which is nearly 2 pounds less than the first Colt. The reason for this could be an improvement that was planned, since the truth is that original M1911s aren’t always easy to shoot effectively due to the subpar triggers they use.

The procedure to disassemble The 1911A1 US Army is like that of the M1911A1s that are issued by the military. Once you have confirmed that the pistol was not empty, by taking out the magazine, and then checking the chamber then the spring plug that is used for recoil can be removed, which permits rotation of the barrel bushing. The plunger and springs can be taken out, along with the barrel bushing rotate in the opposite direction. After that, the slide could be extended to make it more aligned with to the takedown points. Then, the slide stop can be removed. The slide will then be lifted off the back of the pistol then the barrel as well as guide rod may be pulled off.


Curated reportage You can get a 1911 at just $299 , while stocks last. SDS 1911 Review. Top notch reporting You can get a 1911 at just 299 dollars while supplies last. SDS 1911 Review.

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