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NBA Futures Betting – Strategy, Odds and Where to Bet

For the bettors among us who just want to enjoy the NBA season without having to stress about whether or not Giannis Antetokounmpo makes two triple-doubles during Week 8, or if Orlando Magic comes up with +25 rebounds in a specific game, wagering on NBA futures betting is a top choice.

In this article, we’re going to cast an eye over five of the best sportsbooks for NBA futures; assess the odds and lines; run a comb over outright for the team, player, and NBA Draft, and just unpack practically everything you need to know about futures, and with plenty of time to spare before the 2021-22 NBA season gets underway in November.

Best Sportsbooks for Betting on NBA Futures

Best Sportsbooks for Betting on NBA Futures

NBA Futures Betting Sites Reviewed

You can check out how we arrived at our decisions regarding the best sportsbooks for NBA futures by reading the reviews below. Some sites provide more optionality or marginally better odds than others, but all do their best to broadcast NBA futures in a timely manner and offer up lucrative welcome bonuses to newcomers, which you can of course use to wager on an NBA futures line.

MyBookie – Early to Broadcast NBA Futures Odds

A sportsbook that serves up plenty of optionalities, a futures market with genuine depth, and that is quick to market with its NBA team futures odds too, MyBookie is well worth your consideration if you’re planning on making an outright bet.

With respect to how quick this site is to market, MyBookie broadcast NBA futures game lines for the 2021 NBA Finals (Bucks vs. Suns) whilst the conference championships were still underway!

The NBA futures odds are already up for the 2021-22 season, and MyBookie’s parlay betting feature will enable patrons to boost their odds betting on multiple NBA futures lines as the new season  -proaches.


  • Tons of options for NBA futures, particularly as the upcoming season draws nearer
  • Parlay betting feature can be used in conjunction with NBA team/player futures
  • $500 deposit bonus for new users
  • Competitive NBA futures odds


  • Not as quick to market with NBA players’ futures as it is with teams’

BetUS – Unique NBA Futures Bets

Both the BetUS site and  -p look fantastic. The sportsbook broadcasts very competitive odds for NBA futures, and the lines available rival anything else out there.

Where futures are specifically concerned, BetUS allows its users to wager on NBA outrights long before the season gets underway. The site currently has NBA futures lines open for the conference and championship winners, as well as MVP, most points scored, and with much much more to be added as the new 2021-22 season  -proaches, it’s well worth a visit – even if just to assess if you like it as much as we do.

On top of that, BetUS also has early NBA futures available for lines that are unseen elsewhere (anywhere!). Patrons to the site could wager on NBA player futures for 2022 even while the 2021 campaign was in full swing, and we’ve seen markets for ‘how many triple-doubles will Russell Westbrook get in 2021-22 season,’ and ‘Will LeBron be named MVP?’ plus many more.


  • Tons of options for NBA futures, including many wagers not seen elsewhere
  • Early to broadcast NBA futures odds
  • Parlay betting feature can be used in conjunction with NBA futures markets
  • Stats and metrics are available at the click of a button from sportsbook betting pages


  • Sometimes there’s so much optionality that you can find yourself getting a little lost

Bovada – Deep Markets for NBA Futures Bets

When it comes to game day, NBA live betting, and especially NBA futures, this is a basketball site and  -p that’s ahead of the game.

The Bovada sportsbook has deep markets for NBA futures and broadcasts highly competitive NBA Vegas odds to boot, meaning users will – more often than not – be getting value on their chosen lines.

At present, the NBA futures Bovada is offering include NBA Finals MVP, NBA Finals winner, and also plentiful options for NBA Draft futures. Expect to see many more NBA futures lines go up over the coming months, too. Historically, this sportsbook has enabled its users to wager on the highest scorer, most rebounds, most assists in a season, as well as all the NBA team futures you’d expect to see – division winner, conference champion, et al.


  • Deep markets for NBA futures, especially the players’ markets
  • Stats and metrics are available at the click of a button
  • NBA Las Vegas Odds are highly competitive


  • Other sites provide more optionality on NBA team futures

Intertops – NBA Futures Betting Simplified

This sportsbook might not offer the same level of optionality as some of the competition when it comes to game day and live-in-play betting, but Intertops does broadcast generous odds for NBA futures bets (including NBA Draft futures). Plus the markets tend to get real deep real fast during the NBA offseason… it’s just that the site does take its sweet time getting the NBA betting lines to market.

We expect plenty more optionality at Intertops once this current season comes to an end – the two previous sites we reviewed (BetUS and the Bovada sportsbook) are very prompt indeed, so there’s little shame in lagging slightly behind these two. Plus, Intertops was one of the fastest of all sportsbooks to get its WNBA futures odds up on the site – which is good-going.


  • Easy site to navigate; fewer options but more streamlined
  • NBA odds are very competitive
  • WNBA Futures were up quickly


  • Slower to broadcast NBA futures odds than some of the competition
  • Lack of optionality in prop market for game day bets

BetOnline – Great Odds on NBA Futures

The newly updated and reinvigorated BetOnline certainly looks much more the part since recent upgrades. The sportsbook has always offered top odds – it just looked like more of an online broker’s platform than it did an NBA betting  -p until the recent improvements. But BetOnline definitely come on a long way in recent months and, now that the aesthetics match the competition, is worthy of your consideration!

More importantly, BetOnline has always provided bettors with deep NBA futures markets: the team and players markets serve up a multitude of betting options, particularly as the new season edges closer. BetOnline also allows users to wager on the NCAA and WNBA; the NBA odds are excellent.

All in all, you could do a lot worse than BetOnline. It’s certainly one of the best offshore sportsbooks for betting on NBA futures.


  • Updated  -p and site is much improved on the old version
  • Futures available for NBA, Olympics, and WNBA
  • NBA Finals MVP odds up early and at good value


  • Prop markets not as deep as competition

What are NBA Futures?

Put simply, wagering on the NBA futures market is when a bettor aims to make money by predicting an outright result way in advance of the its conclusion.

Because, say, betting on the championship winner during the offseason is such a hard prediction to get right, the odds on NBA futures tend to be very tempting.

To all intents and purposes, NBA futures are split into two separate categories: team & player.

NBA Futures Lines for Teams

 There is a multitude of optionality available when it comes to NBA futures bets. The first to  -pear on the majority of sportsbooks tend to be NBA team futures, which are as follows:

NBA Championship Futures

The outright NBA finals odds can be released within a month of the previous year’s championship games. This year’s 2021 NBA Finals take place from July 8 – 22, so expect to see the next round of NBA lines and odds for the Finals (2022) not long after the series concludes; likely during the month of August. As with this season, this moneyline will remain open throughout the NBA campaign. But expect to see the odds shorten and drift throughout, as teams hit and lose form.

NBA Conference Championship Futures

Most sportsbooks release odds for the conference championships not long after they do the NBA finals since, by this point, oddsmakers already have a pretty firm idea of the best and worst teams. It’s not like a team can win the Finals without winning the conference finals after all.

On the off chance that you’ve made your way to this page as a complete newcomer to the NBA, the league is split into two separate conferences: the Eastern Conference & the Western Conference, with each crowning its own champion ahead of the East vs. West clash in the finals.

NBA Division Championship Futures

Each conference is split into three divisions. In the East, these are the Atlantic, Central, and Southeast divisions, while the Western conference also has three divisions, namely the Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest. There are five teams in each division and, at the best NBA betting sites, it’s possible to wager on the moneyline for your pick to win each division. You might even scope the NBA power rankings at the beginning of preseason and make a parlay bet on the Los Angeles Clippers to win a clean sweep of honors: Pacific Division champions; Western Conference champions, and NBA Finals champions, for example.

NBA Futures Lines for Players

 As well as betting on team futures, many of the best NBA sportsbooks also allow users to wager on NBA players’ futures. Some sites offer more optionality than others where this is concerned. But the two markets most sportsbooks feature are for the Most Valuable Player of the finals (MVP) and the Rookie of the Year.

BetUS is one site that does offer a bit more optionality on players’ futures. The site currently has NBA betting lines open for special futures bets, such as ‘how many triple-doubles will Russell Westbrook score next season,’ which is broadcast as an over/under on the total points NBA betting line.

Sites such as BetUS and the Bovada sportsbook do tend to offer incredibly deep prop betting markets for NBA player futures, too. It’s possible to wager on the player who scores the most points, the player who makes the most assists, the most rebounds… and a fair few more options where that came from, including:

  • Coach of the Year
  • Most Improved Player
  • Scoring Champion
  • Sixth Man of the Year
  • Defensive Player of the Year… and many more.

How to Bet on NBA Futures

As mentioned, NBA Vegas odds on championship futures bets for all 30 teams in the league tend to be broadcast across sportsbooks promptly after the conclusion of the previous finals.  Once these betting lines are open, pro-bettors swoop in to look for the best NBA futures odds.

Moneyline betting on NBA futures

The vast majority of futures odds for both team and player will be on the moneyline, which is the simplest line to explain:

At present, sportsbooks have made Chris Paul and the Suns the clear favorites to their first-ever NBA Finals championship, attributing the team odds of -175 on the moneyline. Odds of -175 simply means that, in order to win $100, the bettor must stake $175.

If the oddsmakers felt less confident about the Suns’ chances, they would have given them odds with a + value. For example, +175. NBA odds of +175 (or any other combination of + plus digits) means the team is less fancied, so the odds are better: here, you wager $100 to win £175.

With the exception of the special bets available as over/under (total points) on sites like BetUS, each of the other NBA futures lines mentioned thus far (Finals winner, Conference champion, most rebounds, etc) operates on the moneyline.

NBA Finals Odds Comparison

Odds tend to drift (get worse for a team & more lucrative for bettor) and shorten (better for a team & worse for bettor) throughout the year.

At the time of writing, it was still entirely possible to wager a futures bet on the championship winner and MVP. But, the pool of teams remaining who could win the NBA Finals was down to just two: the Suns and the Bucks.

As probability increases, the odds shorten on all the respective teams. The Suns, for example, began the year at +4000. Anyone who wagered $500 on them back then was sitting pretty. Picking them up at -175 when we came to write this article wasn’t quite as exciting. But that’s the nature of NBA futures odds – it’s usually far more lucrative to get in early!

Regardless, below we’ve shown a comparison table of odds for the finals, as provided by Intertops, BetUS, and Bovada. It’s always important to get the best deal for yourself, after all.

Current NBA Futures Odds for Finals Winner


Sportsbook Atlanta Hawks Milwaukee Bucks Phoenix Suns
BetUS +1200 +160 -165
Bovada +1000 +180 -150
Intertops +1200 +165 -185

There wasn’t exactly a huge difference in the futures odds being offered by any of these NBA sportsbooks. That said, Bovada is definitely the place to go if you are thinking of wagering on the Bucks or the Suns at the 2021 finals since the sportsbook has better futures odds than the competition.

An outside bet on the Hawks on any of the lines may suit some of you risk-takers out there, mind. So, BetUS or Intertops would be a solid bet to exploit the Hawks’ current NBA championship odds.

We can’t stress enough the importance of shopping around the NBA sportsbooks to look for the most lucrative NBA futures odds. Always try to win as much money as you can. Plus, the more basketball sportsbooks you frequent, the more sign-up deals and risk-free bets you get to take advantage of.

NBA Draft Futures

It’s also entirely possible to wager NBA futures bets on the NBA Draft. Select sportsbooks such as BetOnline already have odds up for the event, which is scheduled to take place on July 28, 2021, this year.

As you can see from the table above, as with the majority of other NBA futures bets, wagering on the draft is (usually) just a simple moneyline bet – at least it is ahead of time (it’s also possible to wager live, in play on the big day itself).

The main options available to the bettor are as follows:

NBA Draft Futures: Betting on the No.1 Overall Pick

Practically every major NBA sportsbook will provide futures odds on the moneyline for the No.1 pick at an NBA Draft event.

The odds are displayed in the same way as they are for futures on the championship winner or MVP. I.e., by using the moneyline American odds (+/- and a number: +150 for Evan Mobley, for example)

The favorite player to be plucked from the board at No.1 is Oklahoma State’s Cade Cunningham. BetOnline has given the young star shortened odds of -2,500, meaning that to win $100, you’d need to stake $2,500.

NBA Draft Futures: Betting on the Top 3 or 4 Draft Picks

This isn’t a major market across all sportsbooks, but it’s a prop bet that is still technically a future since you can place your wager months in advance.

You can see by looking at the odds below that betting on the top 3 draft picks is another NBA futures bet to h -pen on the moneyline. Just select the three players you expect to go first off the board (in the correct order)

Player Order Odds
1.     Cunningham, 2. Green, 3. Mobley +400
2.     Green, 2. Cunningham, 3. Kuminga +1500


The same rules  -ply: were you to wager $100 on option 2 (above), you’d stand to win $1,500 should your bet come in.

NBA Futures Betting Strategy

Below, we’ve taken the liberty of listing out a couple of NBA betting strategies you may wish to employ when wagering on NBA futures. There are many others available to you, and we implore you to frequent NBA betting forums and to read up and watch as many vlogs as you can handle before placing any bet (plus, if you love the game of basketball, it’s fun anyway).

Open up Accounts on Multiple Sportsbooks

  • The more NBA sportsbooks you open up accounts with, the better chance you have of finding the best/earliest odds for NBA futures.
  • Sites such as BetMGM and William Hill run NBA Vegas odds and tend to be first to market with futures, giving you a chance to get in early and, sometimes, find yourself a deal.
  • Each of the sportsbooks mentioned today offers massive deals, bonuses, and risk-free bets. It just makes sense to take the free money where it’s available – why risk your own c -ital when you don’t have to? There are career bettors out there who literally do this for a living, so it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Hedge your NBA futures Bets

  • If you found yourself the perfect NBA futures bet at the start of the campaign and then watched on gleefully as your team, let’s say the Clippers, eked its way into the NBA playoff bracket – good for you; you’ve probably got great odds.
  • However, you may notice that Lebron James is in top form for the Lakers, or that the team you bet on may be suffering an injury crisis and you might even begin to doubt its championship credentials.
  • If so, it’s time to hedge your bets on the NBA betting lines – bet on your team’s playoff opponent to go in to win if you’re 3-0 down or bet on the form team from the other conference that keeps putting up +120 points per game. Don’t be scared to crunch the numbers and hedge your bets.

What Sites Offer the Best Bonuses for NBA Futures?

It never hurts to take advantage of a welcome bonus or risk-free bets when wagering on NBA futures either. It’s quite possible to wager using introductory offers alone, risking none of your own cash. So. it hurts a hundred times less when you lose, and feels a hundred times better when you win.

Below we’ve ranked the best bonuses which can be used in conjunction with NBA futures for your convenience. Be sure to claim yours before you get betting.

Best Bonuses for NBA Futures

What are NBA futures?

NBA futures are bets on long-running NBA events, for instance, which team will win the NBA Championship, conference, or division conference. NBA futures odds are broadcast prior to the season, and the odds get updated throughout the basketball calendar year. As such, better odds are typically available the earlier you place your wager.

Can you cash out on a futures bet?

So long as your sportsbook of choice offers an early cashout option, it’s generally possible to cash out early on NBA futures bets. Sometimes the sportsbook will contact you to offer the chance to cash out; other times, you’ll have to request an early cashout. But cashing out early on NBA Futures is entirely possible.

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