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MICHAEL GOINGS: The mistake of idolizing celebrities | Opinion

Then I think of men who were mightily used by God, such as Martin Luther, John Wesley, Charles Finney, DL Moody and, more recently, Billy Graham. None of these men had an exaggerated opinion of themselves. In contrast, they walked in humility and integrity, teaching that all glory and honor belonged to Jesus Christ.

This practice of idolizing and worshiping men and women who are celebrities as professional athletes, singers, actors and, more recently, politicians, is absolutely absurd, idolatrous, irrational and borders on a completely low opinion of one’s own self-esteem. Why should I idolize another person just because they are famous and rich? Why should I get upset about people who, like me, are people with feet of clay and iron? Where are you when I need help? Where are they when I am faced with a life threatening or changing disease? In my opinion, it is a mistake to idolize or worship another person regardless of who he is or what he has accomplished in life.

There are people who have really influenced, enriched and helped shape our characters, our intellects and our destinies, like our parents, teachers, pastors and others who deserve double honors. Certainly not those rich and famous celebrities who think too highly of themselves and are often unscrupulous men and women who are unsuitable for young people to imitate and recreate their lives.

My hope and prayer is that everyone will do what I have done, and that is, stop making idols of others, regardless of their fame or fortune. There is not only one man who deserves our worship and He sits high up at the right hand of God. His name is Jesus Christ and he is the Savior of the world.

Dr. Michael E. Goings is Senior Pastor of the Outreach Family Fellowship of Dillon and Florence.

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