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Medigus Ltd (NASDAQ: MDGS) stock is in the news: What Now?

Technology company Medigus Ltd (NASDAQ: MDGS), which deals with advanced medical solutions, electric vehicles and charging solutions, announced on July 30, 2021 that the privately held biological gels company, Polyrizon Ltd, which is partially owned from Medigus is providing preclinical data from its previously announced preclinical study showing the potential for lowering coronavirus risk.

The study was conducted in Israel for a month and tested different formulations of highly differentiated biological gels against controlled groups for protection against viruses.

The data showed that the product is dose-dependent and Polyrizon tested some prototypes of the lead platform against Covid-19 viruses.

Medigus also announced that Charging Robotics Ltd., its wholly owned subsidiary, has completed the proof of concept demonstrating the capabilities of its wireless charging robot for electric vehicles.

Demonstrated system consisting of a robot platform that can navigate independently. The platform has an energy transfer coil, supporting electronics and batteries. Another component of the system is the EV simulation unit, which contains the target batteries to be charged, including the supporting electronics and the energy receiving coil.

The maximum charge occurs when the coils are perfectly aligned. The entire process showed an efficiency of 93% with an output of 1 kW. Thereafter, Charging Robotics will carry out a commercial pilot project and also increase the system output from 1 kW to ~ 13 kW.

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