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Lycoming County Voter Services: Where to Find Election Results | News, sports, jobs

After the polls close at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Election Night results for Lycoming County’s local competitions will be posted on the county website at www.lyco.org/electionresults.

Election night results for the Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Court nationwide trials are available on the US State Department’s website at www.electionreturns.pa.gov.

Election night results are unofficial results that include all votes cast in person in the county’s 81 districts and most votes cast by mail. In the subsequent official counting, all postal votes not counted on the evening of the election, postal votes from military and foreign voters that can arrive up to seven days after the election, as well as preliminary ballot papers that can be counted, are taken into account.

Election night unofficial results show the number of votes cast in a contest, but not the name or number of votes of each candidate who will be enrolled.

After the official count is complete (approximately seven to ten days after the election), the official results will be posted on the Voting Service’s website at www.lyco.org/vote, along with a list of the names and total number of winners. The winners of the registered mail will be notified in writing.

The voter service cannot answer questions or provide additional information about written votes while the official count is in progress.

Candidates and other interested parties should keep an eye on the Voter Services website and wait for the official results and list of winners to be published approximately 10 days after the election.

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