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HUGHESVILLE – A new director will be appointed to the Lycoming Career and Technology Center earlier this year as Nathan Minium takes over the position vacated by Eric Butler’s retirement.

“I always thought that the Lycoming Career and Technology Center had great programs and produced students who were ready to pursue careers and make an impact on their own future and that of others.” said Mini.

“The chance to build on these opportunities and use my leadership skills to support, guide, and improve the great things Lyco CTC is already doing is exciting.” he added.

Minimum has been the director of Turbotville Elementary School for four years. Previously, he was the principal and assistant principal of Warrior Run High School for four years.

Prior to joining Warrior Run, Minium worked in the Milton Area School District as the assistant principal and assistant principal.

Minium taught alternative education in secondary education and was an elementary school teacher in Osceola County, Florida. Originally from New Columbia, he graduated from Lycoming College with degrees in psychology and elementary education. He recently completed his superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility program.

“I look forward to continuing the great work of Mr. Butler at the Lycoming Career and Technology Center. My experience of working with Mr. Butler, the faculty and staff when I was director of Warrior Run High School has been excellent and I’ve seen the amazing skills students acquire from Lyco CTC’s faculties and educational programs. “ said Mini.

“During my upcoming transition, I want to focus on building relationships with all stakeholders, fostering partnerships in the community, and preparing students who are willing to make a positive impact on their careers and regional workforce. I look forward to the future of the Lycoming Career and Technology Center and all that it has to offer students and their school communities. “ he said.

“Lyco CTC provides high quality education to the school’s students. These programs prepare graduate students to be employed, to continue their education, or to embark on a career in an area they are competent and passionate about. “ he added.

Minium plans to join Lyco CTC full time in January.

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