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Liam Payne is back with Maya Henry | Celebrities

Liam Payne and Maya Henry are back together.

The 27-year-old singer left his fiancée two months ago after a long ten-month engagement to “work” on himself, but soon realized he had made a huge mistake. Since then, I’ve managed to get it back. “Romantic gesture”.

A source told MailOnline:

“They realized that they couldn’t live without each other.”

Insiders also confirmed that the lovers are getting back together and their wedding was planned for next year.

Their reunion comes after a former One Direction star publicly pleaded with a 20-year-old model to put him back on his Instagram account.

He wrote at the time: “Even if you have to learn to love from your mistakes, don’t let go of anyone if you really want to love. We cannot work overtime. “

Liam, who has a three-year-old son Bear and a former partner Cheryl, admitted in June that he was “not very good at relationships.”

He explained, “At this point, I am mostly disappointed with hurting people over and over again. It bothers me. I’m not very good at relationships. And I know my pattern. At this point, things are in relationships. I’m not very good at relationships so I have to work alone before letting someone else do it. That’s where I reached my last relationship. ..

“I didn’t offer a good version of myself anymore, so I wasn’t grateful and didn’t like myself. To be honest, I’m better.

“I felt sick doing what I did, but it had to happen. It’s just silly to say that it was great for both of us. “

Liam Payne is back with Maya Henry | Celebrities

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