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Letter: US Economy | Letters to the editor

Subject: the July 27 article “Biden Economy on Trial”.

Of course, the economy is being scrutinized. With a Democrat in the White House, you can always count on Republicans to work hard until they find something to criticize; in this case it’s the inflation buggy man, and where were the inflation concerns when Trump pelted the billionaires with baskets of money.

Granted, if too much money is pumped into the economy, it leads to inflation. But what’s too much? If you think we have already reached this point, you are wrong. The pandemic is likely to worsen due to the dynamic interaction of the delta variant and the unvaccinated.

Job one is to get us out of one of the worst recessions in this country’s history. If inflation becomes a problem, the Federal Reserve will step in. The GOP, which politicizes the issue, is exactly wrong.

Disclaimer: As filed with the Arizona Daily Star.

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