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Kevin Hart says ‘True Story’ is Based on Celebrities Deal with

Kevin Hart recently set his comedy aside for more serious work.

He wowed audiences with his emotional Netflix drama “Fatherhood” in June. With the limited series, he goes one step further. “True story”, these are on the


Wednesday the giant begins

Hart plays Kid on the show. The greatest comedian in the world, he’s set to become a huge movie star thanks to his new blockbuster, valued at $ 1 billion gross. He tries to cover up a crime while on a stand-up comedy tour, but spent a night in Philadelphia with his sketchy brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes).

“True Story” It’s not a comedy. The show was actually created by “Narcos” Eric Newman, showrunner, gives a glimpse of how Hart deals with super fans, tabloids and racists every day.

Hart spoke to Insider on a recent phone call and explained why he started this project to clear his mind, how he convinced Wesley Snipes of his involvement, and the racism he had that inspired a moment on the show.

Kevin Hart moves away from a crowd

“True story.”


The show explores the reality of being around you, including job and family segregations, tabloids, superfans, and racists on airplanes. Did this serve as a palate cleanser?

The nice thing about this project is its ability to relieve stress. This project made it possible for me to get rid of all the problems that I have in my life. While I can’t certain things and can’t speak certain things, the character I created was only inspired by the sheer amount of shit that you have to deal with while wearing these shoes. You’re basically an idiot.

hard disk

It’s like deciding how much data to store on your hard drive before it runs out. What if your hard drive is full?

Where is the freedom? How can you get it off your chest

Exactly. It’s possible to ignore it as many times as you’d like, but it’s still on your hard drive. Boy, when you think of his character and the things he’s been going through, there is so much. But what’s best for him? He knows he’s thinned out because he values ​​other people. It bothers him if he is not valued or respected.

Then you have Wesley Snipes, the perfect actor to play your part in this story. You and Eric Newman introduced him to the idea. Were you sure he would accept it?

To be completely honest, we were nervous. He’s Wesley Snipes. I will never downplay his talent or ignore how iconic he is. His attachment to the project immediately gave him credibility. So I presented it to my friend and he agreed it was a comedy.

Wesley Snipes in conversation with Kevin Hart

(LR), Wesley Snipes and Kevin Hart “True Story”.

Adam Rose / Netflix

I’ll say I didn’t laugh a single time in any of these episodes.

It is no joke. It’s not a comedy. [Snipes] Said: “You know what, Kevin, if you take this seriously, then I have no problem continuing to talk. But I just need to know that you are not playing and that you mean business. ”He said I made the promise. “Okay, I’m in.” It was the best day of my life.

Is there one particular scene on the show that made you most nervous?

It was probably the scene of the crime. It was done on the third or fourth day. [of the production]. That was it. We started with that. I don’t want to say that I was nervous because I don’t get nervous. But then I had to be prepared and focused.

Because if the show doesn’t work, then everything was in that moment. Because people were so impressed with him, the atmosphere on set was so calm and peaceful. We had our show.

Kevin Hart on the plane

Kevin Hart plays Kid (right) in episode 1. “True Story” where he meets a white fan who doesn’t mind using the “N” word.


Let’s get back to the racist assholes. Kid is greeted by a white passenger aboard the plane he is traveling on in the pilot’s first episode. He starts quoting his jokes and isn’t afraid to use them. “N” word. Is that a dramatic increase or did you have to experience such blatant racism yourself?

Oh my god definitely. [Laughs.] No question. It’s easy to get so comfortable with what you do that people will be able to be with you no matter where they live. Sometimes this line is ignored. There is no limit, and it is up to you to be patient and cool so you don’t look like an idiot. Since things can change quickly, you need to be able to manage people and things. You will always choose the better way.

However, as you mentioned earlier, this experience is stored in your memory bank. So how do you release it?

It’s about making people aware of their mistakes, but it’s also about doing it professionally. That was exactly what this scene was. This was a scene where the Kid was in control, but Kevin also had some influence.

This interview has been revised to be more concise.

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