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Kelly Lipa Reveals Great Parenting Regrets | Celebrities

Kelly Ripa wants to “slow down” to thank the children more when they were little.

Michael, 24, Laura (20) and Joaquin (18) fly to the home of a 50-year-old star and her husband Mark Consuelos, and she spends the “Living with Kelly and Ryan” presenters. It’s much quieter now because I admitted that I regret it. I spend a lot of time not only enjoying children in life at a young age, but also focusing on raising them properly. I did.

She told Entertainment Tonight, “The worst … people will tell us.

“And when you’re in there you’re so tired, you love it, you’re so tired of your bones that you can’t believe it’s true.

“But we did. Unfortunately, we blinked, and now they’re grown adults.

“I think that’s really the worst. We protected them, they became good people and they finished on time. “

Recently it was a “cruel pain” to drop Hoakin at the University of Michigan, but Kelly acknowledged that there are several benefits to not having chicks at home.

She was joking. “I think it’s best not to have laundry in our house. No dishes. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.”

Kelly’s co-host Ryan Seacrest joked that she couldn’t resist surrounding herself with other people’s children to satisfy her maternal instincts.

He said, “She has Andy because she can’t exist without him [Cohen] And Anderson [Cooper’s] As a baby, she can remain that mother. “

She agreed: “So now we have our grandchildren, as we like to call them.”

But Kelly claimed she didn’t have “baby fever”.

She added: “[Ryan] I can’t believe I didn’t bring the puppy into our lives. “

Kelly Lipa reveals great regrets about parenting | Celebrities

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